If you are here because you want to age without alcohol; you are in the right place.

I want to give you some good news. This news is what I desperately needed to hear when I quit drinking on August 11, 2013.


There is another life beyond drinking and alcohol.


Now, I will be honest; if I had heard this bit of information on August 11, 2013, I wouldn't have believed it.


Alcohol, no, Chardonnay, and Champagne were my lifeblood for three decades.


From the minute I took my first sip of pink champagne in 1982, I held onto alcohol as if my life depended on it. Until I realized, I did depend on it, and that it wasn't working anymore.


I took my last drink on a Saturday night while watching a Lifetime movie home alone. I had two bottles of Chard on deck and knew that I had to make a drastic move not to drink them dry.


I poured both bottles down the sink balling my eyes out. I just knew that my life was over. I would never dance or go to a concert or be social again.


The next day, I woke up and told my husband and my son that I would no longer drink, and with their support, I committed to myself for the first time in my life; at forty-five.


The big question that I had on August 12, 2013, was now what?


How do I live without alcohol?


When I started drinking, I was fourteen with a perm and extreme shyness, and a deep desire not to be shy and blush. I was a baby.


Over the past six-plus years in Sobriety, I have researched, read, listened, and explored new ways to love life and be healthy and happy without feeling the need to drink.


Today, what I have found through my years of experimentation and findings, is to keep sobriety very simple.


I teach women from all over the world the simplicity of sobriety through my virtual private coaching and group coaching program, ELEVATE.


I combine an overall wellness practice with a mindset and confidence-building training to transform how women think about themselves and alcohol.


I believe that midlife is the best life, and a crucial time to be sober.


I know that you can quit drinking and blow your mind at how much better life can be. 


If you're scared, that's normal.  If you are shameful, that is normal too.  The most important thing to remember is there is no shame in drinking too much, and there is no shame in getting sober. 


You deserve to live your next act, energetic, productive, and happier than you ever thought possible, alcohol-free. 


I'm with you. 



In other news:  


I was born on 11/11/67.  I'm a SoCal native, wife, mom (both fur and teenager) empty nester, and I have been an entrepreneur since 2007. 

I have taught my sober lifestyle method since 2017 with expertise in the midlife drinking experience and aging alcohol-free. My methodology is strategic, practical, and mixed with playfulness.

I'm a certified nutrition coach, body-movement advocate, and the founder of Real Aligned Woman.

I started my podcast, To 50 & Beyond in my closet on my iPhone in February of 2018. The podcast, my listeners, and my guests are one of the greatest joys in my life.


My mission is simple, just like my sobriety.


I stand for women and aging without the detrimental effects of alcohol. I strive to bring awareness to the other side of using alcohol to live, not only for midlifers but for our younger generation as well. I believe in the power of connection, time, truth, and a whole lot of laughter to recover from years of thinking that alcohol was the answer. Alcohol is never the answer for women; the answer lies within.


Is it time to live without alcohol?

I can help you. 

Schedule a free 30-minute session with me today.  


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