Listen to This Before You Drink This Holiday



Before you decide to wait until January 1st to stop drinking, take a listen to this special bonus podcast episode: Listen to This Before You Drink This Holiday. 

2020 has been a year of change spurred by a big scary event that none of us saw coming. The uncertainty of the year has brought scarcity among people who are turning to alcohol to escape.  

I remember drinking my way through 9/11 and thinking that it was all way too scary to deal with without alcohol. Today, I realize my drinking catapulted me into paranoia and extreme anxiety. 

I believe uncertainty exists daily, but 2020 had it blaring at us fast, creating an essential time not to add alcohol to the mix. 

I recorded this bonus podcast episode in November before Thanksgiving in the States to reach out to anyone struggling with drinking or not to drink right now. 

Some of the topics discussed in this episode: 

  • How I prepared for my first sober holiday 
  • How to prepare yourself for yours
  • Why alcohol-free holidays are enjoyable 
  • Why the holidays are the best time to get sober 
  • What to focus on to not drink 
  • How alcohol is costing you time and money
  • How to own your sobriety and not give in to alcohol pushers

I share my message that since I quit drinking, my daily life and holidays are childlike and filled with curiosity and a quest for life. I couldn't say that when I was drinking. 

I want you to enjoy your holiday, and if you do drink when you don't want to, please pick yourself up the next day and start again. 

I'm with you. You can listen to this short episode here. 


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