The #1 Reason It's Hard To Quit Drinking Over 40

Apr 17, 2019

When I quit drinking at forty-five, I had questioned my alcohol addiction for two years.  I was going through perimenopause and forcing myself to keep drinking because that is what I did since I was fifteen.  My body was telling me I had to quit drinking, but my mind was saying, you can't stop drinking; you can't live without the bottle.  It was a constant tug-of-war that went on for two years until I finally walked away. 

In this video that I recorded LIVE on my Facebook page, I reveal the number one reason why it's so hard to quit over 40, and what you can do to check-in with yourself and your drinking.  What I realized is that the perfect time to stop drinking was never going to come.  I needed to be honest with myself and create a new life, sober. 

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