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The Face of Addiction in Midlife

I remember when I was presented with the first remark about me being an alcoholic. It was from a family member as we stood in a bar day drinking, and I was shocked by the accusation. 

Are you kidding me?! I don't drink every day; I don't black out every time I drink, I've never been arrested for my drinking, I fully function as a proud functioning alcoholic. 

I'm completely offended as I took another chug off of my chardonnay glass. 

Let me backtrack a bit before I continue with this story; I started drinking at fourteen, and I was about 43 when this happened. 

At forty-three, I probably shouldn't have been as shocked by this statement, but it honestly had never crossed my mind that I may be an alcoholic. I was a party girl, the gal who could drink anyone under the table and get up the next day and do it all over again, until my thirties. 

So, when I heard the term alcoholic, I brushed it off and argued my case, and the next day, I Googled, "Am I an...

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The Top 5 Objections to Getting Sober


Call them objections or roadblocks, every woman over 40 that I've talked to in the past few years had at least one of these or more, including me. 

I was an over-drinker for thirty years, and I just celebrated seven years of sobriety.

When I quit drinking, I needed someone to help me work through what had held me back for a couple of years in quitting drinking.

I needed answers.

In this five-part video series - The Top Five Objections to Getting Sober, I give you hope and a new perspective to help you feel better and save time going back and forth with the struggle to quit drinking.

I've been coaching women over 40 since 2018, and I've heard all of these "roadblocks" and more. 

I chose the following because they truly are the top five objections. 

You can watch the videos or read the transcripts below.  

#1 I Don't Know if I Want To Quit Drinking

This is the one thing that blocked me for a really long time and the reason why I spent a lot of time Googling,...

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Why Midlife Women Are Getting Sober

Women in midlife are getting sober because they are tired of settling for hangovers, regret, and the shame that comes with over-drinking. 

When I quit drinking at forty-five, I felt like I had been run over by a truck for years. Back and forth, back and forth, trying to decide to quit drinking after thirty years of a close relationship with alcohol - I was beyond tired of settling.  

At this stage of life (the middle), women from all over the world are noticing the disadvantage of just a small amount of alcohol. From sleepless nights, waking up in the morning fuzzy and hungover to ending the day with another drink, women, just like you are exhausted. 


Drinking alcohol is no longer what it used to be. 


The fight to keep drinking has become harder than the journey to sobriety, or so they think. I thought this way back in 2013 when I decided to pour two bottles of chardonnay down the sink and declare (to myself) that I can't, and won't...

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What it Means to Live a Sober Lifestyle




I want to give you good news! There is nothing to dread in living life without alcohol. It is not boring, it is not isolating, and it is not something to miss out on as you age. 

A sober lifestyle is not about quitting drinking; it's about what you do next. Taking care of your mental and physical health and paying attention to yourself vs. avoidance.

A sober lifestyle supports you in becoming a woman who no longer needs to drink. 

A sober lifestyle is a simple plan that helps you get up in the morning take care of yourself first thing not put yourself off, so the stresses of your day end up causing you to drink at the end of the day.  

Simple, not easy.  

The reason I drank for so many years is that I didn't want to pay attention to a solution to more happiness and better tools to manage my stress and social anxiety, I tried to numb out and hide.  


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I Was a Mom Who Drank Too Much

I quit drinking at forty-five; my son was twelve. One of the biggest regrets I hold onto today is the fact that I drank around him for so long. Every holiday, every birthday, every social situation revolved around drinking way too much. 

My son, Spencer is going to be eighteen next month and leaving for College in the Fall. I'm vacillating between the gratitude that I have for my sobriety and the sadness I feel because of all of the time that I wasted in his younger years.

 It is a bittersweet time. 

I gave birth the day before Mother's Day in 2001. Up until this day, I had seven months of sobriety and thought long and hard about giving it up for good. After all, I had drunk since I was fourteen, that was a long time. Ha! 

Quitting didn't happen in 2001; it took twelve more years of consuming way too much alcohol as a mom before I decided to give sobriety a chance.

 On Mother's Day in 2001, I came home, and the champagne started flowing.  I...

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