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Top 3 Essentials for Staying Sober

Sep 23, 2020

When you face the challenge of giving up alcohol and staying sober long-term, it can feel beyond overwhelming. 

There are books, podcasts, sober social media accounts, and groups, programs, and more. Not to mention AA and the traditional programs that have been around for decades. 

This time we are living in is a blessing, but it can also derail you.

In this article, I break down the top three essentials to staying sober over 40.

The blessing comes from more folks speaking up and out about their alcohol abuse and how they decided to get sober. Chances are you came across this post because of a quick Google search. 

The interwebs were not as prevalent when I quit drinking in 2013. I didn't know about sober blogs and podcasts. I did, however, read one book that changed how I felt a bit about my choice to get sober, Drinking a Love Story, by Caroline Knapp. 

That one book gave me the insight to realize that I wasn't alone in my 30-year...

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