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The Joy of Exercise in Midlife

exercise selfcare Sep 18, 2020

The joy of exercise came later in life, and now that I have found it, I will never let it go. No, seriously, not even two days without moving my body in a row. 

So, why this sudden love of exercise after being sedentary for years?! Because moving my body makes me feel alive, and quite frankly, we all should be very grateful for the gift of exercise. 

When I first quit drinking in 2013, I had recently joined a gym about 10-minutes from my house. I had gone to enroll and take a tour, and then I didn't go back much until I realized that I needed an outlet besides Chardonnay and Champagne.

I had put a lot of time and energy into drinking, so like any other person on this planet who has given up alcohol, you quickly realize you need an alternate way to spend your time. 

I should also mention that I was in the thick of perimenopause when I decided to go alcohol-free at forty-five. The THICK of it! 

For the first year of sobriety, I made exercise a...

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The Top 5 Objections to Getting Sober


Call them objections or roadblocks, every woman over 40 that I've talked to in the past few years had at least one of these or more, including me. 

I was an over-drinker for thirty years, and I just celebrated seven years of sobriety.

When I quit drinking, I needed someone to help me work through what had held me back for a couple of years in quitting drinking.

I needed answers.

In this five-part video series - The Top Five Objections to Getting Sober, I give you hope and a new perspective to help you feel better and save time going back and forth with the struggle to quit drinking.

I've been coaching women over 40 since 2018, and I've heard all of these "roadblocks" and more. 

I chose the following because they truly are the top five objections. 

You can watch the videos or read the transcripts below.  

#1 I Don't Know if I Want To Quit Drinking

This is the one thing that blocked me for a really long time and the reason why I spent a lot of time Googling,...

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