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What it Means to Live a Sober Lifestyle




I want to give you good news! There is nothing to dread in living life without alcohol. It is not boring, it is not isolating, and it is not something to miss out on as you age.


A sober lifestyle is not about quitting drinking; it's about what you do next. Taking care of your mental and physical health and paying attention to yourself vs. avoidance.


A sober lifestyle supports you in becoming a woman who no longer needs to drink. 


A sober lifestyle is a simple plan that helps you get up in the morning take care of yourself first thing not put yourself off, so the stresses of your day end up causing you to drink at the end of the day. 


Simple, not easy. 


The reason I drank for so many years is that I didn't want to pay attention to a solution to more happiness and better tools to manage my stress and social anxiety, I tried to numb out and...

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