A safe and precious space to get the support and guidance you need to change your life.



Virtual Sessions for Women Over 40

I specialize in a holistic approach to an alcohol-free lifestyle, nutrition, confidence, and self-discovery through a daily overall wellness practice that adds structure and happiness to your life.

Six to twelve-week packages are available. 


ELEVATE Exclusive

A group coaching experience that teaches you how to build yourself UP instead of alcohol.  

You will learn how to gain more confidence in yourself while making sense of your relationship with alcohol. 

ELEVATE is a yearly program with likeminded women that will change how you feel about yourself and "the drink." 



ELEVATE Your Life E-book + Workshop 


Learn self-discovery techniques to answer the question who am I and what do I want in life. 

Elevate Your Life e-book tells my story of self-discovery which led to forever changing my life through the pages of my journal. 




Healthy Lifestyle 

For the woman who is already living alcohol-free and wants to discover all that life has to offer.

Through connection, nutrition, mindfulness, and intention, you will create the life that you were always meant to live. 

Reframe your thoughts, heal your mind + body, and boost your confidence through weekly strategy sessions and daily support that will change your life. 



Uncover, Discover, Recover

For the woman who wants to discover what life is like without alcohol and needs support not to drink.

Through connection, mindfulness, and intention, you will uncover what you are not willing to live with, and what you want to do at this stage of life.

Add structure to your day, heal your mind + body, and boost your happiness.  You get weekly strategy sessions and daily support that will give you clarity and space to decide if you want to live without alcohol. 




For women of all ages and stages of life. 

You will receive one 60-minute video call with recording, a 30-day plan to help you reach your desired goal, and email support.

At the end of your 30-days we will meet again to do a 30-minute wrap-up call.

 I do not leave you hanging.  

This package is for the woman who wants one power-house session to move her forward fast.  

Best for confidence, nutrition, and self-discovery.  Investment in you is $297.00.


"I highly recommend Lori as a coach. I felt understood by her immediately. Through our coaching sessions and her personalized assignments, I was able to give attention to and more deeply understand myself. Lori led me to several ah-a moments that have allowed me to take on mid-life with gratitude, clarity and contentment. Working with Lori was also fun. She always provided a safe, supportive and energizing experience. "

Nancy S.

"I can never thank Lori enough for the time, thought, energy and effort she spent in helping me to stop drinking. I had tried many times before, but could never stay the course. I alwasy found justification to start back up again. Lori told me that time is what it takes to get to the other side, and it is SO worth it."


DISCLAIMER:  If you feel like you are at risk for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, please contact your medical provider immediately.

I provide healthy alcohol-free lifestyle coaching and accountability through holistic practices. I'm not a doctor or therapist or counselor. I'm a woman who spent thirty-years chasing the bottle and has been sober from alcohol since 8/11/13. 

I teach  with empathy and empowerment because I know if I turned my life around, you can too. 

Please call SAMHSA if you or a family member needs help with substance and/or mental health disorders.




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