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Find freedom from alcohol!


Midlife is an essential time to take a look at your drinking because...


Drinking alcohol wreaks havoc on your mind, body and soul. Not to mention relationships, finances, and dreams.


Alcohol depletes the essential vitamins that every midlife woman needs to feel her best. 


Drinking moderately, over time, alcohol affects your mental and physical health.


The longer you wait to go alcohol-free, the more challenging it gets in midlife.


Is this not enough to make you go alcohol-free?

It sure wasn't for me. 


The question I asked repeatedly was why would anyone want to stop drinking?!



I questioned my drinking for two years.


Even though my mental and physical health were suffering. I was overweight, bloated, not sleeping, sluggish, overly anxious, and my skin was aging rapidly. 

I started drinking at fourteen, and by forty-five, I began to ask myself the most important question: how can I continue to drink when I feel so bad?

If you're here because you are trying to figure out what to do with your drinking, you are in the right place. I know how you feel. 

I put alcohol up on a pedestal until I decided to replace it with myself and elevate my life at 45.  I will help you do the same. 

I've had continuous sobriety since 2013. The solutions that have worked for my clients and I are what I bring to you inside Elevate. 


I know you can do this. Let's get started!


You barely function the day after one or two glasses of wine. You wonder why it's affecting you differently; is it alcohol or aging?


You've taken breaks from drinking and felt fantastic but always go back. You fear you won't ever be able to figure out how to enjoy life alcohol-free.


You've tried to moderate but realize you have no desire to stop at one. You worry about what this means and what kind of drinker you are.


You want to explore an alcohol-free lifestyle, but you...


Feel stuck in decision mode; It's scary to envision life without alcohol.

Worry about what other people will think if you don't drink.

Don't think you can do it so why even try? It's easier to keep drinking.


Aren't sure how you will cope with stress, socializing, sleeping, and feelings without alcohol.


You're not the only one who feels this way.



I coach women over 40 because I know how challenging it is to give up alcohol at this stage and enjoy the heck out of life!

Elevate has changed my life! I was on the fence, unsure if I wanted to join. Lori's kindness and ability to connect allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone, and learn so much from her and the other women in the group. 



This program will help you cut out alcohol, boost your mood, and start to feel better than you have in years. 

You are safe here.


I don't teach you how to change your relationship with alcohol.

I help you create a better relationship with yourself so you don't want to drink.



You will learn how to: 


  • Plan your daily actions to prepare for cravings and "f" it moments
  • Add nutrition and exercise to your life to have more energy
  • Embrace your body and beauty to age with confidence
  • Process your emotions and feelings without alcohol
  • Set healthy boundaries and build stronger relationships
  • Add small healthy habits to create a healthier, mind & body
  • Create a positive mindset to support your alcohol-free lifestyle
  • Navigate bad days and empower yourself to keep going


And more! The Elevate library is updated to bring you the solutions you need to live your best life throughout your first year of sobriety.



By joining Elevate you will:


  • Feel supported and loved 
  • Wake up excited and ready for the day
  • Blow your mind at how good you feel
  • Boost your mood and your confidence
  • Embrace your glowing skin with excitement
  • Have more time to enjoy the things you love
  • Save money - put your $ towards something extraordinary (not ordinary like wine)
  • Have something special just for you #selfcare


Other fantastic benefits are new friends, weight loss, more energy, freedom from hangovers & sluggish days, and my favorite: inner-peace.


Live Coaching Sessions

Join every Thursday at 4:00 pm PST or watch the recordings. Ask questions, get coached and learn from your fellow Elevators.



Join our private Elevate community and meet new friends who get you, and get support from Lori. You are never alone inside of Elevate.


NEW! 2021 Elevate 

Your membership includes the NEW Elevate Path Course, 2021 Workbook + BONUSES + monthly Guest Interview, + more!


NEW! Private Podcast

Download The Elevate Private Podcast on your favorite podcast app to listen to an exclusive monthly podcast, and on-the-go coaching recordings.

Elevate Weekly

A weekly email update with: call reminder, links to join, an anonymous Q & A form, insider tips and member highlights.


Workshops, monthly member meetup, and tools to help you navigate sobriety one month at a time.



I cannot believe what a difference having community has made for me. I feel comforted just knowing my fellow Elevators are there. 



Membership FAQ 


Coaching  FAQ 


You aren't sure if you want to go alcohol-free, but you're 100% positive that you want to feel better. 

(psst...that's all you need to know to get started)



Cost and Payment FAQ 


Elevate has given me a corner in my life to sort out the endless thoughts that swirl around my head. I'm beyond grateful to have taken the chance.


I love the weekly check-ins, support, coaching and getting to know the other women with similar goals.


With the support of other amazing women who want to clear away the haze of alcohol, I’m not alone anymore on this journey to Elevate my life to the next level!  Dianne


A recap of what's included:


  •  Live weekly coaching sessions to elevate your overall wellbeing
  • A Private community to make new friends and get daily support
  • A Monthly Private Podcast to listen to on your favorite podcast app
  • Resources to help you boost your self-care + personal development
  • The Elevate 2021 Workbook + Planner Pages to help you take charge of your mental, physical and emotional health
  • NEW! The Elevate Path mini-course to help you navigate your first 90-days of sobriety and beyond (updated monthly)
  • Bonuses: Guest interview each month, monthly workshops, monthly Reflection, recording coaching session to help you through triggers, exercise motivation and more!


And more! The Elevate library is updated to bring you the solutions you need to elevate your overall wellbeing.



Still not sure if Elevate will work for you? 


If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email. I want you to feel good about joining so ask me anything!



Important: Elevate is is to be used only for educational and inspirational purpose. Elevate is not intended for individuals physically dependent on alcohol, and offers no guarantee of your personal success. You are guided, not forced to do the work.

All sales are final. 

Please make sure to read our terms and conditions page.