LIVE (mid) life beyond your fullest potential, alcohol-free.


How would you feel if you stopped holding yourself back from your dreams?

To live life without alcohol gives you a clean slate to reach higher than you thought possible no matter your age.

Envision your life without the after-effects of alcohol.  No more hangovers.  No more aging skin.  No more foggy brain and no more regret from time wasted doing something that no longer makes you feel good about yourself. 


It's not just the act of quitting drinking that changes your path in (mid) life; it's what you do next that leads you towards your goals and dreams. 


ELEVATE is a virtual group for women over 40 who want to rise above old habits and behaviors to LIVE life without drinking alcohol.

You will learn how to gain confidence, boost your mood, and BE happy without "the drink." 


Let's face it; midlife over-drinking is different. It's a mixture of self-loathing, sadness, and a dream world that we live only when we're drunk (or buzzed,) not to mention the hangovers! 


It helps to have tools and strategies that meet you where you are; in the middle.


  • I help you identify exactly what you want to accomplish by not drinking
  • I help you plan the steps you need to take in order to achieve alcohol-free living
  • I help you gain access to accountability and support to stay on track


I teach you how to ease into sobriety and embrace you without alcohol. 

When a midlife gal chooses to quit drinking, she wants to know:


How will I tell people I don't drink? I'm too embarrassed.

How do I cope with loneliness? I drink from home alone.

How do I enjoy being around certain people? I feel like our relationship is only good when I drink.

How will I ever feel confident, especially as I age, and in menopause? Drinking gives me confidence.

How will I handle stress and anxiety from work, finances, relationships? I just can't cope without wine.

How will I sleep without wine? It relaxes me.

How in the heck do I ever enjoy myself without my wine?  What will I do for Pete's sake?!


Learn the solution to each of these questions and more inside of ELEVATE. 



I drank for thirty-years; I quit at forty-five.

At what other age can you say, I drank for thirty-years?  

Midlife and beyond. 

I'm here to get you to beyond without alcohol being a part of your story. 

My mission for you is simple: teach you how to get past why you think you need to drink, and show you how to build yourself up so you don't want to drink. 

I'm merely the training wheels; you are the bike.  

It's time to say ENOUGH! 

I've had enough wine to last three lifetimes.  

Life, what else ya got? This BS is not working for me. 

Who am I to teach you?  Click here to learn more about me. 

What's Included

  • Four 60-minute LIVE coaching sessions (via Zoom classroom) every Thursday at 4:00 pm pst. for one year from date of enrollment
  • Living Without Alcohol Companion Guide with dozens of exercises, scenarios, and tips to help you LIVE without alcohol
  • Living Without Alcohol Workshop - a four week take an on-the-go audio program that teaches you how to live your life without being chained to alcohol
  • An anonymous q & a weekly where you can ask me ANYTHING you want before our call where I will give you the answer
  • A password-protected site to watch recorded calls + download materials
  • A community of women on the same path as you. ELEVATE your life by changing who you hang out with (no, Facebook is not included)

Also, you get a non-judgmental, no pressure, a transparent coach who will share all of the details of her drinking experience and what it's like to live (and age) alcohol-free. 

I've got you! 


Gain access to my top three solutions to LIVE without alcohol.

Choose You

A self-study workshop that will teach you how to give yourself perimission not to drink. 

Your mind will be blown at how simple it is to distract yourself from drinking when you choose yourself over alcohol. 

Ask Yourself Better Questions

One of the KEY'S to not drinking is empowering yourself instead of speaking negatively. 

How to Ask Better Questions is a self-study workshop that teaches you how to coach yourself and use confrontation for good against urges. 

Elevate Your LIfe E-Book

A journey into self-discovery and one woman's story of how she changed her life through journaling (that woman is me.) 

The power of journaling is so mind-blowing once you quit drinking. 



ELEVATE will increase to $297 1/1/2020.




Weekly Discussions Include

All coaching sessions are organic which means the topics around the midlife drinking experience are endless. You can come with your questions and get no BS answers and solutions during our call.

  • How to figure out what you are trying to get from drinking so you fulfill your needs without alcohol
  • How to set a sober goal by identifying what you don't want from drinking
  • How alcohol affects your body and your confidence as you age
  • Why getting ahead of yourself and counting days is keeping you from getting results
  • How to feel pain, loneliness, happiness, and anxiety without drinking
  • How to take care of your nutrition, exercise, and mental strength daily
  • What to do when the urge and cravings to drink hit
    How to use empowering language towards yourself daily
  • How to set boundaries and not fear missing out on drinking activities
  • How to bust out of self-doubt and fear so you stop sabotaging yourself
  • How to make sobriety stick 
  • Perimenopause and drinking vs. perimenopause and sobriety 
  • Meditation and breathing importance 
  • How to set a goal + kick perfectionism to the curb
  • How to journal to change your life 
  • and many more midlife drinking discussions 


Curious Minds Want to Know


*ELEVATE is strictly educational and motivational. 

Please do not join the group if you feel that you are at a risk for detox if you do decide to not drink. 

Seek medical advice and get the help you need as soon as possible. 

Please do not replace this program with any doctor prescribed medication or treatment. 

I will never suggest even a supplement to you. 

Ask your doctor, therapist, or treatment center for their approval before you join. 

*This group is not a guarantee of sobriety nor is it a requirement to be sober at any time during the program.





Any gal over 40 who is curious, at her wit's end with drinking, and willing to explore something new. 

Bring me your skepticism, arguments (with yourself) about why drinking is the be-all-end-all of life, and every question you've always wanted to know about living a sober life, and I will HELP YOU paint a new picture of what you can experience living without alcohol.

Also, it's important to mention that ELEVATE does not pay attention to labels of drinking 

ELEVATE recognizes the woman who is ready to make sense of her relationship with alcohol so that she LIVES without relying on "the drink."



Once you enroll in the group, you will receive a welcome email from me with instructions on how to get started.

I lay the program out in a very simple manner and you get the information streamlined to avoid overwhelm. 

We meet once a week for discussion and new topics will be added organically because that is the way I coach. 

ELEVATE is not a boiler-plate self-study program.  I'm live with you so that I can help you make sense of your drinking and move UP in life. 

All calls are recorded if you can't make the live discussion.



All sales are final. 

ELEVATE is an annual program which means you pay once and have lifetime access to all calls. 

ELEVATE is very affordable because I want to build a community of women who work togetther for a very long time. 

You can't expect to get sober quick. 

Pay once, stay for a year.   


Once you make a decision to join ELEVATE and try something new, you immediately change the path you are on.

If you want to change your life all you need to do is make a decision.  

BOOM!  It's done. 

What will unfold for you in living without alcohol is a better understanding of what you want in life, and a plan to get it. 

In ELEVATE you will have community, feel better,  be happier, and build yourself UP insteand of the drink which will help you LIVE without alcohol. 





Do you have questions? 

Great! I have the answers. 

Ask me anything you want. 


What are you waiting for?

There is NEVER a "wrong" time to make the best decision of your life. Price increases to $297 on 1/1/2020




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