Elevate Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Program for Women Over 40


.An alcohol-free lifestyle community for women over 40 who want to feel better than ever!


Breakup with alcohol to enjoy the second part of your life healthier, happier and free from alcohol.



Feel happier, more confident, and free from the vicious cycle of over-drinking, hangovers, and regret.



Create new healthy habits to help you elevate your mindset, belief system, nutrition, and daily self-care. 

Find direction in all areas of your life to have more daily structure and energy to live your life not centered around alcohol.

"In the evenings when I’m wanting that glass of wine to numb out, I know that I have to be accountable to this group and to myself. I thank God for leading me to this great group of ladies!”

Elevate Member

Hi there, I'm Lori Massicot



If you are exhausted by the merry-go-round of over-drinking and the after-effects of alcohol, I know how you feel.

I will never forget the sleepless nights after drinking way more than I said would. I would wake up in a pool of sweat with my mind quickly trying to grasp in a panic last night. What did I say? What did I do? Did I brown-out again? Did I pass out again?

I created Elevate for you because I want you to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror. I want you to be happier and more confident than you ever thought possible, without alcohol. 

You deserve to experience a life that you will remember every second of with pride, vitality, and grace.

Elevate will help you become a woman who no longer wants to drink. 

It's you where you are today, just elevated!

"I'm learning who I am again and how to let go of the beliefs that have been holding me back for decades. With the support of other amazing women who want to clear away the haze of alcohol, I’m not alone anymore on this journey to Elevate my life to the next level!"

Elevate Member


The solution you've been searching for to feel better alcohol-free!

Elevate is an exclusive 30-day membership community for women over 40 who want to stop drinking and start living alcohol-free for good.

I walk with you through the five pillars of my Simple Sobriety system that helps you take the pressure off and focus on small wins daily. 

Together, we work on getting your life back better than ever!

Why Elevate works:

Elevate provides you with community, accountability, and action-driven modules that help you create a plan that fires you up and gets you excited for life again so you don’t need to (or want) to drink. 

My mission Is to help you figure out your relationship with alcohol, feel better and have confidence in yourself; alcohol-free. 

Take a quick tour of the member site below. 


Now is your time!


Affordable and convenient for your lifestyle.

  • No commitment. Cancel at anytime.
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching and Q & A
  • Private community off of Facebook
  • A proven system to help you go alcohol-free
  • Exclusive To 50 and Beyond Podcast monthly
  • 10% off Private Coaching 
  • and more!


LIVE Coaching Sessions

Gain access to four-weekly zoom sessions every Thursday at 4:00 pm PST where you can fill in a form to ask me anything anonymously.

The sessions cover midlife wellness, sobriety solutions, anxiety relief, emotional self-care, navigating relationships, and more!

All calls are recorded and added to your member dashboard for viewing 24/7.


A Proven System

Gain access to my Simple Sobriety system broken down into six modules:

  1. Alcohol-Free Living
  2. Prep + Planning
  3. Create New Habits + Behaviors
  4. Self-Care
  5. Nutrition and Eating (August workshop)
  6. Progress + Reflect

Each module is designed to give you practical solutions to help you make progress immediately.

Private Community

An exclusive member dashboard that looks just like Facebook but without the politics.

Imagine a place where everyone understood what you are going through and feel the struggles you are facing.

The power of community and accountability is key to holding your sanity together as you do something as hard as giving up alcohol.

Resource Center

The Resource Center is loaded with answers to every question that women over 40 have about getting sober!

You will also receive reading and podcast episode suggestions and workbooks, checklists, cheat sheets, and more.

I want you to get answers fast, and have tips and tools to take the confusion out of your new healthy lifestyle. 

Coaching On-The-Go

Envision having a coach in your ear who can help you work through loneliness, self-doubt, lack of confidence, and to help you not drink!

As a member of Elevate, you have access to the Listening Lounge, a place where you can go to get coaching through short audio boosts.

Feeling like you're going to drink? Take a sneak peek of what you will hear by clicking here.




Fast-acting bonus: Enter Coupon Code READY to receive $20 off your first month.

Workshop bonuses:

  • The Confidence Club 
  • Bonus podcast: From Couch to Confidence
  • Relationships and Boundaries 
  • Bonus podcast: Divorcing the Drink, Not My Husband
  • Am I a Woman Who Mini-Training 

Archived Guest Speakers:

  • Lauren Meers - Habits 
  • Caroline Hinchliff - Mindful Nutrition and Body Love 
  • MB Mannino - Breath Work Training 
  • Tammi Salas - Creative Recovery 
  • Sondra Primeaux - Aging and Menopause 



"Lori gives me hope! Overall, this is a great group to live a better life regardless of where you are at with drinking."

Elevate Member

"The private coaching sessions are really making a difference. It has helped to build a stronger foundation for my sobriety program. I love all the tools offered in elevate-especially the nutrition, exercise and journaling!" Elevate Member

"Joining Elevate was the best self-care gift I've ever given myself. I'm now experiencing what I've been missing out on for so long!" Elevate Member

"The weekly coaching sessions with Lori has helped me to become more confident in my journey of being alcohol-free. Finally!" Elevate Member



Sober Coach Lori Massicot

My relationship with alcohol lasted thirty-years; I quit drinking at forty-five on 8/11/13.

 I'm a Sober Lifestyle coach, podcast host, Certified Nutrition coach, and advocate for aging sober. I've helped women from all over the world stop drinking and get on with LIVING.

I'm obsessed with helping you live a life that blows your mind daily! 

Speaking from experience, I know you can: 

  • LOVE living alcohol-free.
  • Sleep, vacation, and co-exist in relationships without alcohol!
  • Process your emotions and relieve anxiety alcohol-free.
  • Make sleep and self-care a priority, so you don't reach for junk food and wine to get you through the day.
  • Forgive yourself. It's not your fault you drink; you are not alone in this. 

Make last night the last time you tell yourself you're not going drink but do. I've got you! 

Now is your time!


Affordable and convenient for your lifestyle.

  • No commitment. Cancel at anytime.
  • Weekly LIVE Coaching and Q & A
  • Private community off of Facebook
  • A proven system to help you stop drinking
  • Exclusive To 50 and Beyond Podcast monthly
  • 10% off Private Coaching 
  • and more!