Now is the time to live alcohol-free.

Get the essential tools that you need to start living and loving an alcohol-free lifestyle today! 


ELEVATE is a Virtual Program for Women Over 40

There has never been a better time to GO ALCOHOL-FREE

You will learn proven, simple strategies developed by me, Lori Massicot, which combines overall wellness, habit building, and mindset transformation. 

I use my six-plus years of continued sobriety (after thirty-years of overdrinking) experience to deliver you a program, Living Without Alcohol, that helps you change your relationship with alcohol for good. 

Women from all over the world are tired, stressed, angry, and sick of the effects of alcohol on their mind and body as they age.

The good news is you are not alone.

The better news is it doesn't have to be this way.

You CAN do this program and feel better than you have in years; confident, happy, and alcohol-free.


I understand how you feel. 

ELEVATE is a judgment-free zone that empowers you to be who you are!

Group Coaching for Women Over 40 Testimonial


I am learning who I am again and how to let go of the beliefs that have been holding me back for decades. With the support of other amazing women who want to clear away the haze of alcohol, I’m not alone anymore on this journey to Elevate my life to the next level!



How ELEVATE Group Coaching with Lori Massicot works

How it Works 

The beauty of technology helps you connect with me and your fellow ELEVATE friends with a touch of a button. You will have access to:

  • A password protected online classroom to log into 24/7
  • A private and secure app on your phone where ELEVATE members share inspiring quotes, videos and photo's to encourage you daily
  • Living Without Alcohol four-part audio training + workbook 
  • 20+  recorded group coaching sessions + bonus workshops
  • Four live group coaching sessions every Thursday at 11:00 am pst  where you can ask me questions confidentially to get the answers you want, and need
  • Two bonus group coaching sessions on Tuesday, 4/7 at 9:00 am pst, and on the second Saturday of the month at 8:00 am pst

If you feel intimidated by technology, I know how you feel.  ELEVATE is simple to use, I've made sure of it! 

ELEVATE Will Help You 

  • Break-free from the vicious cycle of overdrinking
  • Create new healthy habits that help you bypass cravings and triggers
  • Wake up feeling fresh so that you have a clear and productive day
  • Learn how to have fun without alcohol vs. thinking that alcohol is fun
  • Say "no" to drinking just to please others
  • Relax without wine so that you reduce anxiety not Chardonnay
  • Forgive yourself and release the shame of drinking, and not drinking
  • Be a happier, more confident,  woman, that values herself unapologetically
ELEVATE Group Coaching Benefits
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The private coaching sessions are really making a difference. It has helped to build a stronger foundation for my sobriety program. I love all the tools offered in elevate-especially the nutrition, exercise and journaling!

Packages + Pricing

All packages include instant and lifetime access to all ELEVATE materials. 

Next session starts May 4th. 




Perfect for you if you want results but want to learn on your own.

  • Living Without Alcohol audio training + workbook 
  • Mindful Eating training + workbook 
  • 15+ recorded coaching sessions
  • Habit Building Workshop
  • Updated content added monthly 



Perfect for you if you want results, accountability and new sober friends.

  • Self-Study Package
  • Bonus Live Coaching Session Tuesday, 5/520 at 9:00 am pst - How to LIVE Without Alcohol
  • Four live group coaching sessions with recording
  • ELEVATE app (lifetime access)



Perfect for you if you want to dive deeper into your relationship with alcohol.

  • LIve Coaching Package 
  • Two 45-minute private coaching sessions via Zoom conference
  • Personalized 90-day alcohol-free plan with accountability 
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Elevate helps me to realize I am not alone. Drinking made me feel isolated and Elevate is becoming my tribe and that feels FANTASTIC! There is power in belonging to a tribe.

Sober Coach for Women Over 40 Lori Massicot

Join ELEVATE and become unstoppable.  


You are worthy of a life where you wake up in the morning, ready to tackle your day with happiness and confidence vs. a hangover and anxiety. 

You can do this program and become unstoppable in all areas of your life. 

I've got you!

See you on the inside.




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