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The top To 50 & Beyond podcast episodes for EMPOWERMENT

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#42 Simply Your Life and Your Style with Jennifer Mayerle

In this episode, I'm delighted to share a conversation with my friend, Jennifer Mayerle, founder of Becoming Media.  Becoming Media is an online lifestyle magazine for women over 45. 

Jen shares openly and honestly about her transition to menopause and simplifying her life, and she talks about being an empty nester for the past two years and how that has changed her relationship with her husband (in a good way.)

Jen has an uplifting view of aging and a beautiful simplified style. Jen, shares tips to build a capsule wardrobe on a budget, and how to uplift yourself with simple pieces that anyone can wear.


Bonus: What Do You Stand For? Mini-Rant

Do you find yourself rushing through your day and your life taking care of everyone else?  When is that last time you asked yourself what do I stand for? 

Each season of life requires a new level of you.  It's time to check-in with yourself by doing this one-minute exercise with me. 



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