Mind Skin Connection with Jas Boothe

 The greatest healing comes from the mind; a healthy mind is a healed body and a healthy life.


Jas Boothe


When you practice self-care, spirituality, and inner connection, you become unstoppable. 

Skincare and general healthcare are directly related to a feeling of genuine mental peace. If success is affected by our physical or financial situations, then people like Jas Boothe (aka Goddess Juliet Bravo) would not be joining me today in this episode.

Jas Booth, is a public speaker, activist, and spiritual entrepreneur. She is the founder of Final Salute Inc, a non-profit organization that has helped provide over 7000 homeless veterans with housing, and Ajna Awakening, a skincare brand whose mission is to bridge the gap between physical beauty and inner beauty peace. 

Besides becoming a disabled army veteran, she also battled cancer, homelessness, depression, multiple surgeries, and lost everything she owned to Hurricane Katrina.

While most people would give up and accept defeat, Jas dug deeper and broke the boundaries becoming the Oprah Winfrey Standing Ovation Recipient, CNN Hero, People Magazine Hero Among Us, YWCA Woman of Distinction, and US Army Chief of Staff Outstanding Civilian Service Awardee


You'll learn:

  • Jas’ age and her insights about aging
  • How Jas used adversity to survive cancer and homelessness
  • Jas’s response and turning point after the traumatic life occurrences
  • The relationship between physical beauty and inner peace
  • Actions that Jas took to correlate beauty and inner peace
  • Best healthcare practices
  • Where women make a mistake in their health care
  • Don’t compare your life with others; their belief system is different
  • About Final Salute Inc, a non-profit organization by Jas
  • About Jas’ skincare brand


Connect with Jas Today!


Website:  https://www.ajna-awakening.com/

Instagram: Ajna Awakening (@ajna.awakening) • Instagram photos and videos

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