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Healthy Happy You 30-Day Challenge


Healthy Happy You 30 (HHY30) will challenge you and push you past self-doubt and limiting belief's and into the life you desire, in just 30-days. 

There are no rules or meal plans, or workout requirements.


HHY30 is simple; commit to the following foundations daily for 30-days so that you feel better, look better, and show up BETTER than you have in years! 


Visualization + Meditation  

Learn how to use visualization to live your dream life right now (no more waiting or excuses) while you use meditation for less than 5 minutes a day to gain focus, energy, and relieve anxiety. 

Journaling + Rituals

Learn how to make an evening and morning routine stick while you journal your thoughts and dreams through my unique journal practice (lot's of tips + tricks) so that you discover who you are as a woman in the middle of life and what you want without apology. 

✔ Movement + Music

Commit to moving your body for at least 20-minutes a day by participating in an activity you enjoy while adding my FUN and inspiring music therapy to your day.

Intermittent Fasting + Eating 

Learn the basics of time-controlled eating by following a beginner's Intermediate Fasting plan where you set the hours of when and what you eat so that you burn fat, reduce inflammation, and have more energy. 

No Alcohol + Planning 

Go alcohol-free and learn how to plan activities and get creative + productive without drinking so that you experience a month of alcohol-free living that will BLOW your mind. 


This program is like no other because it helps you feel how you will feel in thirty days on day one; you don't have to wait to start living your BETTER life. 


Have more confidence, sleep better, eat better, FEEL alive again with a few simple steps each day that won't waste your time. 


I teach you how simple it is to transform daily (boring) routines into healthy happy rituals that are sustainable for (mid) life.


Hello, I'm Lori Massicot!

I created Healthy Happy You 30 (HHY30) for women over 40 who are tired of going through each day feeling tired, out of shape, and clueless as to what they want in life. 



Here's What You'll Get:


 ✔ Four LIVE group calls via Zoom on Thursday evening at 4:00 pm pst beginning August 1st -August 22nd. 

All calls are recorded so you can keep forever. 

Weekly topics: 

Week One August 1st:: Fear + Self-Doubt

This call will run longer than the rest because I'm also going over the basics of the program. 

Week Two August 8th:  Self-Awareness + Commitment 

Week Three August 15th: Mindset + Self-Control

Week Four August 22nd

Health + Happiness  As You Age

Also, each call includes a Q & A and open discussion.

✔ HHY30 Foundation Tracker Sheets to track and share your commitment each day 

✔ Daily email from me with a three-minute audio boost to get you revved up for the day,  

Checkout the schedule here. 

✔ Secret FB Group for support, friendship + connection

 ✔ Healthy Happy You 30 Workbook + Resource Guide 

✔Accountability to finish strong. 

✔Wrap UP Call On Tuesday, 8/27 at 5:00 pm pst to CELEBRATE your success! 




What if I don't do everything each day, will I get kicked out of the group?

No, you will not get kicked out. HHY30 is not about perfection, it's about doing better daily, and part of doing better is becoming more self-aware.

Self-awareness will teach you what you need daily and help you decided what you will and won't do unapologetically.

I've committed to myself in the past and have failed; I'm worried that I won't be able to do this challenge.

First of all, you don't fail at anything in life, you learn and grow.

Secondly, you have never had me as your coach, and you've never tried this program.

Again, it's not about perfection; it's about showing up for yourself daily. You can do this!

I don't want to get on video for the call, but I want to be a part of it.

You have the option to select video or just audio. No worries, I was the same way when I started doing group programs. I'm not on Facebook, does this matter? No, Facebook is a tiny portion of this program. The calls are core and daily emails.


Still not sure if HHY30 is right for you? 

Send me an email and ask me anything you want. 


I will leave you with this: 

If you don't CHALLENGE yourself, you will never grow into the woman you were always meant to be. 

Enroll before 8/1 and grab my Elevate Your Life e-book + workshop for FREE.