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I believe in you and your ability to change. 


We work together as a team to create the life you want to live; alcohol-free.




You're here because you've done something hard to do: You've admitted to yourself that you need to change your drinking.


I'm proud of you! 


The second most challenging part is asking for help.


I've got you!  


When you begin to question your drinking, you are in a great place.


It means that change is on the horizon.


You have a nudge (or a tug) telling you something doesn't feel right anymore. 


Alcohol never used to affect you like it does as you've gotten older.


You find yourself relying upon it more frequently, and you're not sure what that means.  


Do you have a problem, and does that mean you need to quit drinking forever? Or...

Can you handle placing rules of moderation on yourself and make the drink work?  


Either way, you're thinking about drinking alcohol or not drinking alcohol too much.


You're exhausted!


You're tired of wasting precious time and energy feeling sluggish and hungover even after one or two glasses of wine. 


I know how you feel, and I can help you. 


I am confident that you can do anything you set your mind to.



Change happens when you decide you deserve it and you partner with someone who has been where you are and come out the other side. 

My 1:1 Coaching offers you a safe place to come each week to sort through your thoughts and get the support you need.

I don't believe in a quick-fix or a timeline of boiler-plate expectations. 

I customize your coaching experience to fit your lifestyle and wants and needs, so you become a woman who no longer wa

Working with me is not only about quitting drinking; it's about what happens next - that's the exciting part. 


Your Package Includes


  • 12 weekly 30-minute video sessions via zoom 
  • Goal setting + accountability
  • A downloadable audio recording of the session for you to listen back to and take notes
  • Unlimited text support
  • 30-day maintenance includes a no-cost membership into my group coaching program, Elevate upon completion of 1:1 Coaching

Total investment $1,997.00 (price is subject to change)

Payment plans include a small finance charge, Please see FAQ below.


I highly suggest working with Lori for women in the middle of life and beyond. I'm 51 and never thought I would be at a point where I didn't want to drink anymore. Lori is so easy to talk to and she listens without judgment or pushing things on me. I loved the overall wellness aspect of working with Lori and the fact that we didn't just talk about alcohol. 

Michelle C.



I've gone back and forth with drinking for decades. I've done AA and other programs, and finally decided at 61 to try something new. Working with Lori made me feel like there wasn't anything wrong with me, and I wasn't alone. I wanted it so bad, and was trying all of the things, but Lori made it simple for me...finally.
There are no words, Lori. I appreciate your passion and your willingness to speak openly about drinking in the lives of women over 40. I'm excited for "what's next.

Deanna C. 


I have tried different programs, coaches, and courses to quit drinking and they always worked in the beginning, but it didn't last. Working with Lori, has helped me to take the pressure off of myself and realize that I didn't have to rush sobriety. It's like magic - I feel better than ever at 66. 
Catherine W.
I had tried many times before to quit drinking, but could never stay the course. I always found justification to start back up again. Lori told me that time is what it takes to get to the other side, and it is SO worth it.
Kathy N.
I highly recommend Lori as a coach.  I felt understood by her immediately.  Lori led me to several ah-a moments that have allowed me to take on mid-life with gratitude, clarity and contentment. Lori always provided a safe, supportive and energizing experience.
Nancy S. 


Lori was so patient with me when I expressed my desire for moderation and my lack of desire to quit drinking wine altogether, especially at the beginning of our work together. Her statement: "You can tell me anything." helped me to see that I was working in a no judgement zone with a coach who made me laugh and helped me to cry when necessary.
This statement was incredibly helpful and freeing as we dug deep working as a team.
The best part is the assurance that Lori really cares about the women she is helping!
 Joan P.  
 Take the first step and reach out for help! It makes all the difference in the world being able to talk to a woman who not only gets you, who makes you feel heard, and understood but who makes you feel better than you ever thought you were. It amazes me at how I view myself after working with Lori. It's the best investment I ever made in myself at 49. It's never too late to change your relationship with alcohol. 
Cindy T. 





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