You are not alone.

If you are drinking to numb out from life, please listen to my audio training: Put An End to Unconscious Drinking to help you get clear on your habits and what you need to change.

Giving up alcohol is not an easy decision.

I quit drinking at forty-five without a plan nor outside support. The reason that I Coach women at this stage of life is because I know how hard it is to quit.

You are taking the road less traveled when you go against what society considers normal in women and drinking. 

The tides are changing, sister.  Consider yourself a trailblazer alongside other women (including myself) who are breaking up with the bottle because it no longer serves you.

Just because you drank in high school, doesn't (or shouldn't) mean that you need to drink in the middle of this one, beautiful life. 

If you would like to talk to me and get your fears out when it comes to quitting, schedule a 20-minute coffee chat today.  I will help you work through the fear and make a plan to move forward sans the drink.




#49 Quit Drinking Before You Hit Rock Bottom

In this episode, I talk to my friend and partner, Courtney Andersen, who joins me as a co-host today.  Courtney is a Health & Fitness Coach, Sober Coach, Founder of Sober Vibes, an online community for women in recovery, and Co-Founder of the amazing support community for Women in recovery called Real Aligned Women aka RAW, and a Podcast Co-host of the RAW podcast.

Courtney and I talk about quitting drinking before you hit rock bottom hint; you don't have to hit rock bottom or be an alcoholic to quit drinking. Courtney shares her final rock bottom at twenty-nine and she is open and honest about how recovery has changed her life; but not during the first two years. 




#11 Finding Strength in Sobriety

Jen shares her story and journey to quit drinking in her forties and how she picked up weights after getting sober as a tool in her recovery. She is open and honest about being single and taking care of her body through diet and exercise and shares what she is doing now in the gym and the kitchen.

Her Instagram account has become one of her top tools in her recovery, and we talk a lot about how she started and grew her account through deep connections and tons of support from others. She is someone that not only encourages us to be our best through her posts but supports and gives loves to others on their accounts.

She is a JOY and is as real as real gets. She is also funny, and her Texan accent will make you love her even more!



#32 Walking Through Fear To Change Your Life

Lora Anne, is a women’s empowerment coach who leads women into finding their power and owning their true self to find their “why” in this word and to never feel alone.   

Lora Anne shares her story of getting divorced and breaking a thirteen-year span of sobriety.   She talks about what led her to start drinking and what guided her to quit again (the second time). Lora Anne is now almost three years sober and her story of motherhood and survival will help so many women who are struggling during this stage of life.

Lora Anne also talks about her decision to enter a bikini competition at fifty-five and the life-changing experience she went through during training and after the competition.




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