The VIP Experience is perfect for you if:

  • You are tired of feeling stuck in the same eating and drinking patterns that you have been trying to get out of since the 80’s.

  • You’ve questioned your drinking for years and are ready to experiment with a sober life.

  • You want more for yourself as you age and need a new plan; one that doesn’t involve counting calories or depriving yourself of eating real food.

  • You have been curious about what sobriety will look like in your life and need someone (me) to hold space for you as you experiment with a new way of living.

  • You are aware of how food makes you feel but you keep pushing it and your body is getting pissed.

  • You are hanging onto stories of the past that told you you weren’t good enough, pretty enough, or thin enough. You. Are. More. Than. Enough.

  • You want to approach the middle of life with zest and vitality and run circles around your younger self.

  • You are ready to face your truth and set yourself free because you know you are worth it.

The VIP Experience includes:

  • Daily check-in and nutrition + sobriety support

  • Weekly 90-minute Skype call where we will discuss a weekly plan for you the meets you where are you; with what you need (recording delivered to you within 24-hours.)

  • An Individualized 12-week Nutrition Program + daily email support through Precision Nutrition based on your body, your nutritional needs, and your goals

  • Weekly Work Guide with resources and journal prompts to help you gain clarity and find what you truly want in your new sober life

  • Sobriety Planner / Journal (gift to you)

  • 90-Day Membership into Lori’s Real Aligned Women community (wellness +  recovery-based community for women that includes additional coaching + monthly topics)

  • Unlimited Text or Communication via Voxer (Voxer is a walkie-talkie app which makes it easy to stay in contact by voice and text)

  • Free Registration into any of Lori’s monthly group coaching programs opened during our 90-days together.   These groups are nutrition and recovery based as well.

  • Accountability for daily exercise, meditation, record keeping, morning routine and evening routine.

What to expect and how you will feel after you have experienced the VIP:

My #1 goal is to work closely with you daily to make sure you feel loved, empowered, and not alone. I hold space for you to reach higher so that you can stop messing around and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams. I know what it takes, and I will get you there.

Side effects of the VIP may include some tears, lot’s of laughter, education in nutrition, alcohol consumption, your body, and your mind. You can also expect a close sisterly relationship with me; I’m your ride or die during the next 90-days.

Space is limited! Enroll by January 1st to secure your spot in the program.

Schedule your consultation call today; serious applicants only.

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Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the program and depending on if you arrange a payment plan, prorated refunds will be given during the first 30-days. Please set up a call with me before you commit, this is a very intimate program as I give you lots of time and energy.

What if I can’t make the 90-minute call?

We set a day and a time after you register that will work for both of us. You have the option to split the Skype call into two 45-minute calls, and I ask for 48 hours notice of cancellation. The calls are priority in this package; this is where we will do 80% of the work.

Is this a video call?

Yes. The intimacy comes from us seeing each other and our facial expressions and body language. No exceptions; if you don’t feel comfortable on video, you can set up a package that is only phone and Voxer app.

I’ve done other programs and have given up, what if I don’t stick with it?

You will see my dedication to this mission of wellness + sobriety for women over 40. I’m committed to you 100% and will not permit you to give up on yourself. Also, the VIP Experience with my coaching, is like nothing you’ve ever done before. Trust me, I lived a life that was not healthy (mentally or physically) for 45 years; I know what it takes to change your life and make an impact on your future. You will not want to give up.

Disclaimer: This program is NOT a guarantee of sobriety and it is not to be considered as medical advice nor to be used to treat any illness or disease or replace prescribed medication.  Please consult your physician before starting any nutrition or recovery program.