The Story and Mission


To 50 and Beyond is a feeling.


The podcast began in February of 2018 with a mission to talk about the things we don't talk about in midlife and beyond. 

To 50 and Beyond will make you feel part of the family, playful, ready to take action, and never alone.

Tune in every Tuesday for honest conversations with stellar guests, and solo episodes with Lori.

Each episode will help you ROCK your VERY BEST Self To 50 and Beyond.

I love listening to Lori’s podcasts! She understands the midlife journey and empathizes with it, all the while motivating you to be your best version of yourself. I always learn something new from Lori and her great guests. It’s like grabbing a cup of coffee with a great friend!


Your Host


Hey there! I'm Lori Massicot.


I'm a 53-year-old sober woman who advocates for the health, happiness, and confidence of living alcohol-free in women over 40.

I believe that midlife is the best life, and you can have anything you want as long as you are willing to start.

A newbie to podcasting in 2018, I recorded the first episode on my iPhone in my closet without a launch plan.

My dream from the beginning is to build a community so that midlife women share their strong voices, hopes, and desires together. 

I want you to feel loved and supported each time you listen to an episode.

Thank you for being here.


Where it All Began 

The origin story of To 50 and Beyond.

(Don't worry, I've upgraded my equipment since then.)





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