Lori Massicot empowers women over 40 to gain more happiness, confidence, and freedom from alcohol as you age. Through twice-weekly thought-provoking episodes, you will learn, laugh, and listen in on REAL honest conversations about aging, sobriety, and all of the fantastic topics that support the overall wellness of women over 40. Your host(ess) is Lori Massicot, a former over-drinker, overeater, "sky is falling" type of gal. At forty-five, Lori quit drinking and took the road less traveled called "aging sober" in search of finding herself and living a healthier, happier life.
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A warm hug!

I love listening to Lori’s podcasts! She understands the midlife journey and empathizes with it, all the while motivating you to be your best version of yourself. I always learn something new from Lori and her great guests. It’s like grabbing a cup of coffee with a great friend!



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So relatable

Fell in love with this show after the first sentence. Lori is so real! It’s so amazing to be able to relate with a woman that talks about being a alcoholic in such a relatable and honest way. Thank you for being you! 

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Best Podcast!

No doubt To 50 and Beyond is my favorite podcast! Lori is REAL and relatable for those of us who are going through midlife. She is not afraid of any subject and cuts to the chase. I’ve listened to all of her podcasts and still want more!

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