I help you LIVE beyond the bottle.

Are you ready to experience (mid) life full throttle?


Questioning your drinking? 

(It's okay, I did it for two years) 

Download my quick audio training - Five Signs It May Be Time to Take a Break to identify if you are at a stage in life where alcohol is no longer serving you and if it's time to step away.



Join me in a movement to change how women choose to face feelings and emotions.

A movement that empowers women over 40 to stand up and say I refuse to live tied to a bottle of broken promises and dreams.

A movement that inspires our younger generation to take notice and experience a full life without wanting to escape.

A movement so powerful that only women in the middle of life can make it happen. 

YOU can make it happen.   

I know you're ready.

Let's go! 

Hi, I'm Lori

I help women over 40 feel happy and confident without relying on alcohol. 

I believe in vulnerability, connection, joyful playfulness and laughter, and punching fear in the face every single day.


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To 50 & Beyond

The podcast that CELEBRATE women in the middle of life. 

From aging and menopause to living life alcohol-free and building confidence, To 50 & Beyond delivers honest and entertaining episodes twice a week.


Free Session

A 45-minute coaching session to help you feel better and get direction on where you want to go in the middle of life. 

You can change a lot in under an hour  (from the comfort of your home.)



Coaching Packages

As your coach, I'm your team member, friend, and mentor.  I hold space for you daily so that you push yourself out of indecision and fear, and START LIVING life beyond your wildest dreams. 




I send out one email a week on Saturday morning to help you better your life, and smile.

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