A Live Virtual Group for Women Over 40. 

Learn how to want to LIVE (and age) without alcohol.

You are seconds away from changing your future.  


Your goal is to not just quit drinking. 

Your goal is to be the gal who doesn't want to drink.

To live an alcohol-free lifestyle, you need to build yourself UP instead of alcohol.

I know you. You don't over-drink because everything in your life is hunky-dory.

You've either been drinking for decades like I did or you recently started because of where you are in life.  


You're not that happy. 

You have a tug inside of you saying.drinking is not good for me anymore. 

You are surrounded by people who drink.

You feel alone in your thoughts and feelings and you don't know what to do with them.

You reach for the drink the second the urge hits and you beat yourself up afterward.

You don't know any other way; wine is your BFF

You're so tired of it all.

I understand you. 

I was you.  


It doesn't matter how you got here; what matters is where you go from here.



Introducing Elevate

An exclusive class focused ONLY on the midlife drinking experience.

ELEVATE teaches you how to get excited about living an alcohol-free lifestyle in the middle of life.


You will learn how to gain more confidence in yourself and your CHOICE to not drink.  


Let's face it; midlife over-drinking is different. It's a mixture of self-loathing, sadness, and a dream world that we live only when we're drunk (or buzzed,) not to mention the hangovers! 


Can I get a fist bump?


It helps to have tools and strategies that meet you where you are; in the middle.


When a midlife gal chooses to quit drinking, she wants to know:


How will I tell people I don't drink? I'm too embarrassed.

How do I cope with loneliness? I drink from home alone.

How do I enjoy being around certain people? I feel like our relationship is only good when I drink.

How will I ever feel confident, especially as I age, and in menopause? Drinking gives me confidence.

How will I handle stress and anxiety from work, finances, relationships? I just can't cope without wine.

How will I sleep without wine? It relaxes me.

How in the heck do I ever enjoy myself without my wine?  What will I do for Pete's sake?!


Now, let's do a virtual hug. 


You are not alone in feeling this way. 

You are not unique in your drinking experience.

You are 100% normal.

But, wait, you don't want to be normal! 


Then let's get to work! 


The in-crowd (the normal folks) broke up in 1992; it's time to follow your path, and your path is lined with possibility, happiness, confidence, and not a drop of alcohol. 

I'm beyond excited to be on the path with YOU. 


I drank for thirty-years; I quit at forty-five.

At what other age can you say, I drank for thirty-years?  

Midlife and beyond. 

I'm here to get you to beyond without alcohol being a part of your story. 

My mission for you is simple: teach you how to get past why you think you need to drink, and show you how to build yourself up so you don't want to drink. 

I'm merely the training wheels; you are the bike.  

Alcohol isn't the villian and you are not weak.  

It's time to say ENOUGH! 

I've had enough wine to last three lifetimes.  

Life, what else ya got? This BS is not working for me. 

Who am I to teach you?  Click here to learn more about me. 

What's Included

  • Four 60-minute LIVE coaching sessions (via Zoom classroom) every Thursday at 4:00 pm pst.  (monthly lifetime access) 
  • Living Without Alcohol Companion Guide with dozens of exercises, scenarios, and tips to help you LIVE without alcohol
  • Bite-sized weekly audio lessons to take on-the-go (podcast style)
  • An anonymous q & a weekly where you can ask me ANYTHING you want prior to our call where I will give you the answer
  • A password protected site to watch recorded calls + download materials
  • A community of women on the same path as you.  ELEVATE your life by changing who you hang out with (no, Facebook is not included)

Also, you get a non-judgmental, no pressure, transparent coach who will share all of the details of her drinking experience and what it's like to live (and age) alcohol-free. 

I've got you! 






A live workshop that will teach you how to give yourself perimission to not drink. 

Your mind will be blown at how simple it is to distract yourself from drinking. 

Access upon enrollment. 



 Access upon enrollment. 




Learn how to coach yourself and use confrontation for good against urges (you don't want to miss this.)

Access upon enrollment.

All sessions are recorded and available to you the next day if you can't make the call. 








Released weekly to avoid overwhelm.

You will learn: 

  • Why drinking now is different than back in your younger years - hangovers that lasts for days?  No, thanks!
  • How to feel good without alcohol (sure, drinking makes you feel good but YOU CAN do that on your own)
  • How to identify what you want (your desired outcome) by discovering what you don't want from the consequences of alcohol
  • How to find out what you are trying to get from drinking 
  • How to not get ahead of yourself so you enjoy your life without alcohol (the #1 thing that messes you up) 
  • The truth about how much time it takes you to heal your mind and body without alcohol, and why it's essential to start now

You will learn: 

  • How to create a game plan focused on your desired outcome so that you work towards it, not against it 
  • How to build a support team virtually (which is what you are doing here) and locally
  • How to filter your self-talk to empower your desired outcome, not sabotage it
  • Ageless Living: a step-by-step daily practice to help you take care of yourself mentally + physically so that you feel better on your own
  • A powerful exercise to fight the urge (you are Rocky Balboa and alcohol is Mr. T)

You will learn: 

  • How to live alcohol-free in a society that drinks and thinks that if you don't there is something wrong with you 
  • How to incorporate new thoughts into your daily life to get non-drinker results
  • How to make friends with your feelings and emotions so that you don't want to escape

Being sad and pissed and frustrated is validated when you quit drinking, but being a sober woman who still wants to drink is life-changing. 

The most powerful confident booster you can give yourself is to do the things you don't want to do...over and over again. 

 We will talk about your feelings of shame and embarrassment when it comes to your drinking. 

You will learn: 

  • How to create a Trailblazer Vision and get excited for the future; sans alcohol
  • How to CELEBRATE every single day (even the messy ones) 
  • How to make your alcohol-free lifestyle and desired outcome long-term 
  • How to have FUN sober
  • Recap and what to do next



Curious Minds Want to Know


*ELEVATE is strictly educational and motivational. 

Please do not join the group if you feel that you are at a risk for detox if you do decide to not drink. 

Seek medical advice and get the help you need as soon as possible. 

Please do not replace this program with any doctor prescribed medication or treatment. 

I will never suggest even a supplement to you. 

Ask your doctor, therapist, or treatment center for their approval before you join. 

*This group is not a guarantee of sobriety nor is it a requirement to be sober at any time during the session.





ELEVATE is based only on the drinking behaviors and patterns of midlife women. 

You don't drink for the same reasons as everyone else. 

We cover midlife drinking reasons and seasons so that you give the guidance and support you need. 

Plus, you have access to personalized coaching. 

ELEVATE is not a self-study program where you never see your instructor. 

I'm very hands-on. You will get the help and accountability you need to move you forward. 


Any gal over 40 who is curious, at her wit's end with drinking, and willing to explore something new. 

Bring me your skepticism, arguments (with yourself) about why drinking is the be-all-end-all of life, and every question you've always wanted to know about living a sober life, and I will HELP YOU paint a new picture of what you can experience living without alcohol.

Also, it's important to mention that ELEVATE does not pay attention to labels of drinking 

ELEVATE recognizes the woman who is ready to make sense of her relationship with alcohol.



Once you enroll in the group, you will receive a welcome email from me with instructions and the link to our coaching session calls. 

That one link will work for lifetime access, meaning you can jump on the calls every Thursday at 4:00 pm pst even after the group ends at no additional cost. 

Note: you will not have access to any updates unless you enroll again, but the calls are there for life.

The calls are essential for getting you to where you want to be. 

Every Sunday at 9:00 am pst you will receive an email from me with your weekly audio lesson for the current week.  

I will include in the email any instruction or notes for the week. 

This group is not boilerplate. I do the coaching session organically so I can answer your questions and decide if there is anything I want to add to the session work in real-time. 

We meet once a week and there is no Facebook group.  I'm always available through email. 


The results you get from the lessons and material will be based on how much time you make for yourself to do the work. 

I give you my all and I expect you to put your ALL into the program. 

Allow yourself:

  • 30-60-minutes for the session work 
  • 45-60 minutes for the call 

Going alcohol-free is not easy, it deserves your time and attention now more than ever. 




A refund will be given ONLY if you attend all of the calls, listen to the weekly audio, and complete the lesson work. 

Just show me proof you did the work and tell me why you were not happy with the program and I will refund you in full. 

No exceptions.  

From gal to gal, I feel like if you are asking about a refund you either don't think you will do it or you don't see the value in the program. 

I will break down the V$lue piece: 

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions (valued at $175.00 each) 
  • Four weekly lessons + audio ($100 each) 
  • Community + accountabilty + support (PRICELESS)

Total investment in you = $197.00

The cost of not enrolling: 

  • Days, weeks, months, and years spent thinking about quitting and not doing a damn thing about it
  • $$$$$ spent on alcohol down the drain 
  • Never getting to appreciate the beauty of not drinking

If I had this program when I quit drinking (8/11/13) I would have saved myself time and frustration. 

TIME is your biggest asset.  

I promise not to waste it.

PS - you CAN do anything you want. Don't kid yourself anymore. 









ELEVATE will take you...

From Point A:

You are not sure how to live without drinking (or if you want to)

You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start so you don't do anything about your drinking.

To Point B:

You have a better understanding of what you don't want in life from your drinking experience.

You are happier and more confident in yourself and you drinking relationship and you have a plan to help you move forward instead of standing still. 

The exercises and strategies you will learn in ELEVATE will help not only in your drinking experence, but in all areas of midlife. 


Do you have questions? 

Great! I have the answers. 

Ask me anything you want. 


What are you waiting for?

There is NEVER a "right" time to change what you avoid.







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