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I'm Lori. 

I'm The Midlife Sobriety Coach on a mission to help women feel better inside and out without relying on alcohol to get them there.

I never thought I would be a non-drinker until I realized there would never be enough alcohol in the world that would help me feel better.

And I was right. 

I really had no plan to be a sober woman.

I’m not exactly sure when I received a message from within that whispered: hey, what is happening with your drinking?

I started drinking at 14 and hung onto the party girl identity that was so deeply rooted in “everyone drinks” that in my early 40’s when that question arose, I was kind of shocked. 


If you feel like you are having a wake-up call about your drinking, you're in a place where you can choose to change.

My mission is to bring awareness to the life-changing impact of sobriety in midlife as an option - that is, a personal choice

I'm the friend that you would never imagine having a drinking problem. 


I'm your average midlife gal who looked like I had it all together on the outside, but I was at war with myself on the inside. 

My drinking escalated after I lost my sweet mom to cancer in 2009. I was drinking two bottles of wine in one sitting, but it wasn't enough. 

I wasn't an everyday drinker. This is why I didn't think my drinking was a *problem*. I was very good at lying to myself and justifying what I knew was inevitable. I needed to quit. 

I quit drinking on August 11, 2013, at forty-five, in the throes of perimenopause, and I declared (while crying like a baby) I will do whatever it takes not to drink again. 

And one of the reasons why I exist is to help you never drink again if that's what you choose.


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"Once you accept that sobriety isn't happening to you, it's happening for you; your life will change for the better."

Women are drinking now more than ever to fulfill their needs.

Using alcohol to fulfill our needs is counterproductive. What you think you crave from alcohol isn't fulfilling what you really crave in life.

You can experience everything you crave without alcohol touching your lips. Better sleep, sex, joy, love, connection, moods, skin, body...

Why wait? It's your time to work towards a bigger and better life. The one you deserve way more than a drink.

It's never too late. 

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How I can help

I team up with women ready for more joy, confidence, and fulfillment without alcohol going along for the ride.

I believe that an alcohol-free lifestyle as you age is essential to living the life you truly desire most. 

I help you work towards long-term gratification in yourself to become a woman who no longer needs to (or wants to) drink.

Are you ready to create more joy in your life without alcohol coming along for the ride?


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Professional Bio 

Lori Massicot is The Midlife Sobriety Coach on a mission to raise awareness towards the life-changing impact of sobriety as we age.

Lori Massicot is a Certified Life, Recovery, and Nutrition Coach specializing in helping women in midlife feel better inside and out without relying on alcohol to get them there. Lori hosts the highly popular To 50 and Beyond podcast, where she and her guests highlight the beauty of aging and the freedom from living alcohol-free.

She's a homebody, 80's music fan, and Southern California native where she lives with her husband, son, and their sweet pup, Beatrice.


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