Are you ready to explore what life can look and feel like without drinking alcohol? 

I help midlife women stop drinking and create new habits and better daily routines to help them stay alcohol-free for good! 

If you are a woman who is...


  • Worried about her drinking but not sure she wants to completely quit 
  • Sick of feeling sluggish and foggy throughout the day due to the effects of alcohol on your sleep
  • Burnt out by trying to keep all the balls in the air without any time for yourself
  • Exhausted by thinking about drinking and not drinking
  • Ready to feel better, look better, and have fun without drinking
  • Deeply desiring to add more joy, better habits, and confidence to her life

You're in the right place, my friend. 


Is Private Coaching Right for You?

Private coaching is an investment in time and money.

If you are ready to commit to yourself and do the work it takes to explore and create an alcohol-free lifestyle, I can help you.

I'm not a therapist; I don't focus on your past. As your coach, I guide you toward building a future that doesn't include drinking alcohol. 

When you stop drinking, your lifestyle and habits need re-tooling. 

I personalize a plan that helps you focus on the changes you need to make to ensure you make progress that matters to you. 


How Private Coaching Works: 


My mission is to make you feel comfortable during our time together so that you get the most out of our sessions. 

Private Coaching is like meeting weekly with a friend who knows where you are and how to get you to where you want to be without pressure or judgment. 

We meet via zoom video weekly to: 

  • Create a plan that helps you stay sober daily by examining your schedule and goals
  • Focus on one priority at a time so that you make progress toward your goals
  • Discover what helps you stay sober and what doesn't to adjust your daily/weekly plan 
  • Establish personal boundaries that help you stay alcohol-free in social situations and at home 
  • Celebrate the heck out of all of your accomplishments!


After working with me, you will have: 

  • New solutions to manage your emotions so that you don't escape by drinking
  • A daily routine so that you wake up with excitement and go to bed with satisfaction
  • Higher-vibe energy that attracts what you want in your life, not what you don't
  • An alcohol-free toolbox full of my favorites tips and strategies so that you have more confidence and joy in your new alcohol-free lifestyle


You and I become a dynamic duo that works together to create a life where you don't want to or need to drink. 


So, who am I? 


The Midlife Sobriety Coach on a mission to help you find joy and confidence in living alcohol-free.


Hello! I'm Lori.

I'm a sober woman who stopped drinking at 45 on August 11, 2013. 

I wanted to feel better and had a pretty good idea that the bottles of Chardonnay I was drinking were standing in my way. 

I didn't want to stop drinking. 

So, the good news for you is that you don't have to want to stop to take a break or quit drinking.

I help you figure out what you want to do about your drinking while you build new habits and daily routines that make it impossible for alcohol to exist. 

I value autonomy, dedication, humor, creativity, and flexibility in my Coaching and personal life. 

I don't make you do anything you don't want to do or tell you what you want to hear. 

I help you design an alcohol-free plan that works for you because that is the only way sobriety will work; on your terms.

In case your wondering, you can do this! I believe in you 100%. 


blonde woman sitting on stairs smiling


 I didn’t quite know what to expect, but over the 24-weeks we worked together my life, as I had known it, completely transformed. Lori is exceptionally professional, courteous, respectful, dedicated, and knowledgeable. Her ability to support me through both good weeks and bad weeks, tough times and fun times, has become an experience that I will forever cherish and hold dear in my life. I am proud to say that I am now close to 250 days sober and I know I will remain sober thanks to everything that Lori has taught me.

 Sweet Sophie, a courageous VIP client

Private Coaching Packages

Sobriety Coaching Packages can be used as stand-alone or in addition to AA, therapy and treatment. 


60-Minute Clarity Session


For 60-minutes, we will work together to clarify what keeps you drinking and what you truly want to do about your drinking. 

You will leave this resourceful packed session with my favorite tips and solutions, and a plan to help you take a break from drinking for 30-days. 

Investment $197.00

How it works: 

  • Schedule your session 
  • Provide payment
  • Receive a personalized email from me within 24 hours (typically much less than this) welcoming you to coaching with tips on how to prepare for your session

  • Show up for your call and plan your 30-day break!

This session is right for you if you aren't 100% sure you want to go alcohol-free, but know you could use a break and a plan to start.

Closed for enrollment. 

The 6-Week Fresh Start Package


This package includes six weekly 45-minute zoom video sessions, daily text support, a private dashboard on my website with "homework" for the week, my recap video + "action steps," and the session audio recording (optional).

This package is right for you if you want accountability for 30-days alcohol-free while we work together to: 

  • Identify why you drink and why you don't want to drink
  • Break your drinking patterns so that you establish new alcohol-free friendly habits 
  • Create an action plan that helps you navigate your emotions, cravings, and relationships; no alcohol-required 

A lot can happen when you give yourself a fresh start from drinking! You can: 

  • Discover new interests so that alcohol becomes much less desirable
  • Sleep better so that you have more focus and productivity during the day
  • Fall in love with creating a lifestyle you desire so that you have little time to work on the one you don't 

To enroll in the Fresh Start package, please fill in the short request form to get started by clicking here:



My life is so much better now that I'm alcohol-free. I have tried AA, and other coaches, but Lori's ability to know how I feel at this stage of life was what I need to finally break free! 

Catherine, amazingly sweet VIP client



I've gone back and forth with drinking for decades. I've done AA and other programs and finally decided at 61 to try something new. Working with Lori made me feel like there wasn't anything wrong with me, and I wasn't alone. I wanted it so bad, and was trying all of the things, but Lori made it simple for me...finally.

There are no words, Lori. I appreciate your passion and your willingness to speak openly about drinking in the lives of women over 40. I'm excited for "what's next."

Deanna C, fantastic and fun VIP client




I needed a place where I could talk through how I was feeling about  my drinking. Privacy was very important to me, and Lori gave me exactly what I needed. I realized how much I was in control of my drinking from the start. It took me a long time to get to where I am today, and it would have been much longer had I waited to work with Lori. 


Kathy, brave and willing VIP client



When I decided to hire Lori for her 12-week individual coaching program, I knew I was making a new kind of commitment to my sobriety. After listening to her podcast for a year, I was drawn to her positive vibe and felt like she understood my situation. From the beginning, Lori helped me feel comfortable, supported, and motivated to show up for myself like never before. With her guidance, I’ve learned that by saying good-bye to alcohol, I’m creating a new story for my life, I’m worth this gift to myself, and I can let it be simple. I had no idea what to expect when I made this decision, but now I can say it has been one of the best personal investments I’ve ever made.


Kerry, creative and cool VIP client




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