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Introducing Team Alcohol-Free™

A straightforward approach to going and staying alcohol-free later in life. 

Through a safe community of women 35+, virtual meetings, daily support and encouragement, monthly challenges, and workshops, Team Alcohol-Free™ (TAF) is your number one resource to help you plan, explore, and create an alcohol-free lifestyle you enjoy!


I get you.

I've got you. 


Hey there! I'm Lori Massicot. I'm happy you're here! 

I believe 2023 is the year for women in midlife and beyond to be alcohol-free. 

To fully experience life without the influence of alcohol. 

To challenge ourselves, cheer for ourselves, and support one another as a TEAM. 

As your coach, it is my mission to help you make the best experience out of living alcohol-free! 

TAF is for you if you are a/f curious, in your first year or a year+ like me!

It is not us against alcohol or drinkers. It is us standing firm in our choice to take a break or quit drinking. 

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I get you.

I've got you. 


When you hear a woman say that to you, life opens up. Possibilities you never thought possible present themselves because you start to see a different perspective.

You are not alone.


I've been sober since 2013, and know what it's like to go it alone.

The focus needs to come 

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

If so, then the Self-Love Master class is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune out the world around you and break down your walls. Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that person as you go through your daily life.