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I’ve talked about why I quit drinking several times throughout episodes over the years, but I’ve never recorded one episode where my WHY lives. 

I’m dedicating this episode to folks - women and men in the middle of life and beyond who are pondering sobriety. For some of you, it may be something you are hyper-focused on, like I was for a couple of years, and for others, it may be a curiosity. 

For whatever reason, I’m glad you’re here. 

If you are experiencing decision fatigue on whether or not to quit drinking or take a break from alcohol, this episode may help you gain a different perspective on going alcohol-free later in life and ease some of your worries about FOREVER!


What You'll Discover

  • The lead-up to my decision to stop drinking
  • My rock bottoms and the night that was the last rock bottom
  • The answers to three questions I get often: How did you know it was time to quit? Did you go to AA? and How did you make it stick?
  • The journal entries I wrote at 8-weeks sober and 11-months 
  • How the stigma of sobriety held me back 
  • Why forever thinking doesn't work for most (and what to do instead)


Resources Mentioned



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Hello, I'm Lori Massicot! I'm a certified life coach, podcast host, and advocate for sobriety in women in midlife and beyond. I'm on a mission to help you find joy and confidence in living alcohol-free later in life. I'm happy you're here!




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