A Conversation About Aging with Michelle Spieler

Do you get stuck in the same look or routine? 


My guest on episode 161 is my good friend, the fabulous Michelle Spieler. Michelle shares her feelings about aging while speaking openly about her struggles with depression and an eating disorder.  

When her daughter was born, Michelle’s life completely changed and she had to start caring for herself more to be able to care for others.  Michelle talks about how she manages her drinking and embraces what makes her feel beautiful for a healthier lifestyle and mindset.  From trying a new look every once in a while to taking a few minutes to focus on self care, Michelle gives some ideas for improving confidence or changing up your routine.  We also talk a little bit about dealing with negativity online and Michelle’s amazing TikTok. 




Michelle Spieler is an extremely talented makeup artist with over 20 years of experience; 10 years being in Hollywood working on movies, TV shows and commercials.  She uses her passion to teach women about makeup and skincare.  On TikTok and Youtube, she posts educational and entertaining videos for women with mature skin who are oftentimes ignored when it comes to makeup.  As the "Clean Beauty Babe", she is dedicated to using safe products and ingredients.

"Taking care of ourselves gives us more energy to care for others"

Michelle Spieler

Topics Discussed

  • How Michelle deals with negative comments online
  • Preparing for menopause
  • How Michelle manages her drinking 
  • How Michelle's life changed after her daughter was born 
  • Michelle's experience with depression and an eating disorder
  • What makes Michelle feel beautiful 
  • The importance of trying a new look 
  • The boundaries Michelle puts in place on social media


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