25 Benefits to Living (and Aging) Alcohol-Free

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When I first decided to give up alcohol, I didn't see many benefits heading my way. I felt like I was giving myself a lifelong sentence of boredom and being an outcast. 

After all, everyone drinks, or so I thought. 

Flashforward seven-plus years into my sobriety and the thing that comes to mind when typing this post is I wish I had gotten sober sooner. 

To put in the time it takes to get to the other side of drinking and alcohol has to reap benefits, and there are so many as we get older. 

I spent thirty-years thinking that alcohol gave me benefits like being a social butterfly and removing my anxiety, but I was duped! 

I was duped into thinking that alcohol was to be used to live life in a way that I thought life should be lived, not in a way that I wanted to live. 

Heck, after three decades of over-drinking and giving up my mind, body, and soul to wine and champagne, I had no idea how I wanted to live anymore. 

Hindsight has proven to me that drinking gave me no benefits, and going alcohol-free has given me more than I ever dreamed. 

In Episode 138 of the To 50 and Beyond Podcast, I share 25 Benefits to Living Alcohol-Free. 

Daily benefits of waking up hangover free, being present in your life, and remembering the night before are never lost on women who have decided to get sober. 

I talk about embracing life without alcohol and sharing 25 benefits from women I work with privately and inside my monthly membership program, Elevate.

Some of the topics discussed: 

  • Daily benefits of alcohol-free living 
  • How to embrace the benefits and be free from the BS promises of alcohol
  • Challenging yourself to identify what benefits drinking and alcohol add to your life 
  • How excuses and denial showed up in my life before I quit drinking

It's an episode that shouldn't be missed if you are a woman over 40 fighting the struggle of letting go of alcohol and drinking. 

I've worked with women over 40 for the past 2+ years because I know the struggle to give up alcohol and be happy. 

I abused alcohol to feel, think, celebrate, grieve, and out of boredom. The benefits of all of this are non-existent. 

If you are reading this, you may be questioning your drinking and trying to decide if you should quit drinking or not; I get this. 

I will leave you with this, ask yourself what alcohol is providing to you in your life that is positive and makes you feel alive as you age. 

If you can't think of anything, please listen to this episode and write down the benefits shared and focus on the freedom and happiness available to you once you let go of alcohol, which is no longer serving you. 


Listen to the episode here.  

Watch my video that I shared on Instagram where I shared a few of the benefits.






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