Becoming Your Best Self During Perimenopause

Rachel Hughes in a white striped top smiling.

I talk with Rachel Hughes, Midlife Wife, Mom, Perimenopause Blogger, Certified Nutrition Consultant, Positive Voice, and an all-around Spectacular Woman. 

Rachel worked with chronic pain patients for 10-years, and now she helps women become their best selves during the perimenopause years and beyond. 

Rachel has a sincere heart to create safe spaces where peri- and menopausal women can help each other navigate these particular years together with honesty, thoughtfulness, and a lot of laughter. 

After finding that her own perimenopausal symptoms were disruptive to her life, Rachel sought meaningful help and information. She felt that there were not enough resources for mid-life women to learn from each other and express themselves with plenty of compassion and without judgment. 

Rachel's understanding of how food, nutrients, and movement can be used as powerful tools to help people rebalance and heal themselves from all sorts of physical and physiological challenges, including those driven by fluctuating hormones.

In this episode with Rachel, we talk about: 

  • Ending the People-Pleasing Cycle 
  • Her son leaving the house and becoming an Empty Nester
  • Breaking free from taking care of everyone else 
  • Rachel's experience going through Perimenopause 
  • Using Nutrition and Exercise to feel better during Perimenopause 
  • Going from a non-drinker to wine night in the suburbs 
  • The crutch of drinking and alcohol
  • Going alcohol-free and what Rachel learned about her drinking 
  • Using the kitchen to heal inside out 

I particularly love Rachel's story of how she started drinking after moving from New York City to the Suburbs and how she recently discovered that alcohol had become a crutch. 

Listen to the episode here. 


Please find Rachel on her website, The Meno Memos, and on Instagram.


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