National Sober Day is September 14th

Men and women's faces who represent sobriety in a collage for National Sober Day on September 14th.



National Sober Day 


As a co-founder of Real Aligned Women, the reason why National Sober Day exists, I'm proud to share this day with you!

Despite the company's closure, National Sober Day's legacy lives on, reminding us of the importance of acknowledging sobriety.

National Sober Day is a National Day Calendar day of recognition for fun and unique national days. 

If you live in the US you may hear (almost daily) of National Donut Day or even National Tequilla Day, so why not a day to recognize sobriety as an option! 

For me, every single day is National Sober Day but on September 14th, everyone can join in the celebration. 


Why Do We Need a Sober Day? 


Getting sober in the middle of life is one of the hardest, messiest, joyful, exhilarating experiences you will ever have.

I just celebrated 10 years of sobriety on August 11, 2023.  The gratitude I have for my sobriety is never-ending.  

When I first got sober, I kept it to myself for the most part. Sure, my husband and son knew, but my close friends were on a need-to-know basis.

I felt like getting sober was embarrassing, it was something to feel shameful of and hide until I met other folks on Instagram that were talking openly about being sober. 

I know being open about sobriety isn't for everyone, and I respect that! 

Sobriety is a personal lifestyle choice and not one that is easy to come by.

Whatever path you or someone you know has taken to get sober deserves celebration. 

I'm not sure if we need any of these National Calendar days, but what I do know, is that we need to dissolve the stigma around sobriety. 

National Sober Day is a way to highlight the option of sobriety and recovery as a new way of life, one that many, including myself, may not think is for them. 


Five Ways National Sober Day Can Help You or Someone You Love


  1. Bring  us Together: Support those striving to quit drinking by sharing stories of sobriety. Imagine someone like you saying, "You're not alone, and it will get better!"

  2. Celebrate Progress: Whether you're sober or striving to be, mark this day with self-love. Recognize your journey's effort, perseverance, and growth.

  3. Deepen Bonds: Strengthen your connection with yourself or a sober loved one. Reach out to them or engage in introspection with grace and self-compassion.

  4. Build Community: In a time of need, bring people together—virtually or in-person. Organize virtual meetups or small gatherings to foster unity.

  5. Inspire Change: Imagine someone considering their third bottle of wine for the week. They learn about National Sober Day and realize they need love, not another bottle.


How to Celebrate National Sober Day


Celebrating this day can take many forms, including:

  1. Online Connection: Use #nationalsoberday on Instagram to connect with fellow sober individuals.

  2. Appreciation: Reach out to a sober friend or family member to show your appreciation for their journey.

  3. Virtual Gatherings: Organize a virtual meetup to foster connections among sober individuals.

  4. Self-Love: Treat yourself to something special, like a triple scoop of ice cream.

  5. Giving Back: Volunteer at a shelter or recovery center to support those in need.

  6. Gratitude: Make a gratitude list to document your sobriety milestones, big or small.

  7. Self-Care: Take a day to relax and rejuvenate, honoring your journey with a mental health break.

  8. Educate Yourself: Listen to sobriety-related podcasts or read inspiring memoirs.

  9. Read and Reflect: Engage with Quit-Lit Memoirs to gain insight and motivation.

  10. Spread Love: Share smiles and kindness, as everyone could be facing their own struggles.

We just don't know who is struggling. We all need compassion and love and acknowledgment. 

Whatever you do, on this day, know that I will be celebrating with you all day long! 



Sobriety is a deeply personal choice that deserves recognition and respect.

National Sober Day is a platform that sheds light on this option and aims to break down the stigma surrounding it.

My own journey to sobriety transformed my life, and I'm here to cheer on anyone on a similar path. Remember, there's no shame in seeking support, and the choice to get sober is a courageous one.

So, let's come together on September 14th to celebrate, support, and inspire each other on this remarkable journey.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this website, by Lori Massicot, is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment related to drug addiction or substance abuse. If you require assistance with alcohol addiction, please reach out to SAMHSA's National Helpline.






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