Celebrate National Sober Day Every Day

Sober people in a collage. National Calendar Day Image for National Sober Day, September 14th of every year.

National Sober Day is coming to the US on September 14th, but you don't have to wait to celebrate! 

I'm so proud to be one of the Founders of Real Aligned Women, the company that made National Sober Day happen every September 14th, with the first annual celebration in 2019. 

Although the company is no longer active, National Sober Day lives on forever. 


What is National Sober Day? 

National Sober Day is a National Day Calendar day of recognition for fun and unique national days. 

If you live in the US you may hear (almost daily) of National Donut Day or even National Tequilla Day, so why not a day to recognize sobriety as an option! 

For me, every single day is National Sober Day but on September 14th, everyone can join in the celebration. 


Why Do We Need a Sober Day? 

Getting sober in the middle of life is one of the hardest, messiest, joyful, exhilarating experiences you will ever have.

I just celebrated 8 years of sobriety this week, and the gratitude is never-ending.  

When I first got sober, I kept it to myself for the most part. Sure, my husband and son knew, but my close friends were on a need-to-know basis.

I felt like getting sober was embarrassing, it was something to feel shameful of and hide until I met other folks on Instagram that were talking openly about being sober. 

I know being open about sobriety isn't for everyone, and I respect that! 

Sobriety is a personal lifestyle choice and not one that is easy to come by.

Whatever path you or someone you know has taken to get sober deserves celebration. 

I'm not sure if we need any of these National Calendar days, but what I do know, is that we need to dissolve the stigma around sobriety. 

National Sober Day is a way to highlight the option of sobriety and recovery as a new way of life, one that many, including myself, may not think is for them. 


5 Ways National Sober Day Can Help You or Someone You Love

Highlighting the day on the National Calendar can help: 

1. Folks who are struggling with quitting drinking, not feel so alone.

We find camaraderie in hearing other people's sobriety stories. I would have loved to hear from a woman my age when I left alcohol behind say: it's going to be okay; you can't do this! 

Let me say this to you: it's going to be better than okay, you are never alone. 

2. If you are sober or struggling to get sober, celebrate this day and give yourself a lot of love. 

Acknowledge your effort, perseverance, and strength, and be proud of how far you have come.  

3. You deepen the relationship with yourself or a loved one who is sober. 

Reach out if you know someone that is sober and let them know you are there. If you are sober, connect with yourself on this day. 

Can you give yourself a little grace on September 14th to connect with yourself on another level through honesty, self-compassion, and JOY? I know you can!

4.  Bring communities together either virtually or in person, and we need this right now more than ever. 

Can you plan a zoom call or a small get-together with other sober folks? Hugs sound nice right about now. 

5.  You or someone else be inspired, and sit up and take notice of sobriety. 

I imagine someone who has never heard of the day on the way to the grocery store to buy her third bottle of wine in a week. 

She hears it's National Sober Day on the radio and she stops for a moment and realizes that she doesn't need another bottle, what she needs is love. 

That's what it's all about! 


How to Celebrate National Sober Day

1. If you're on Instagram, use the hashtag #nationalsoberday to connect with fellow sober peeps.

2. Remember to reach out to a sober loved one and show appreciation.

3. Host that zoom call or meetup! You have time to get it going! 

4. If you're sober, buy yourself a triple scoop and enjoy! 

5. Volunteer and lend a hand to a shelter or recovery center nearby. 

6. Make a sobriety gratitude list and document the big wins, the small wins, and everything in between.

7. Take a mental health day and treat yourself to doing nothing. Sobriety is work, you deserve a break. 

8. Listen to your favorite sobriety podcasts. Here's one just in case you're searching. 😉

9. Read or re-read your favorite Quit-Lit Memoirs. 

Here are two of mine: The Sober Diaries by Clare Pooley, and Drinking a Love Story by Caroline Knapp. 

10. Smile at everyone you see. 

We just don't know who is struggling. We all need compassion and love and acknowledgment. 

Whatever you do, on this day, know that I will be celebrating with you all day long! 



In Conclusion 

Sobriety is a personal lifestyle choice, and it is not easy to come by. 

National Sober Day is one of the many ways sobriety is being recognized as an option. 

I never knew it was an option for me until it had to be, and I love sharing my sober journey. 

If you or someone you know is struggling, please ask for help. 

There is no shame in needing support, and there is no shame in getting sober. 

I'm cheering for you! 




Lori Massicot, this website, and its content do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, drug addiction, substance abuse treatment, or detoxification. 

If you need help with alcohol addiction, please reach out to SAMHSA's National Helpline. 





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