How to Pivot in Midlife



Changing careers and her relationship with alcohol to pivot midlife is the topic of Episode 121 of the To 50 and Beyond podcast, with Juju Hook. 


Juju Hook, consultant, coach, and speaker.  Juju shares how her drinking was showing up in binge drinking, seeing an addiction coach, and how he helped her change her relationship with alcohol, taking naltrexone to curb her pleasure from alcohol and drinking.


As women in the middle of life, we are searching for purpose and answers to questions that we didn't ask when we were younger.


Juju talks about how she went through a crisis in her late forties and made the decision to change her future by pivoting into a new career as a coach, consultant, and speaker. 


Juju shares how to build a brand with soul and purpose, and what it means to be a Prime Time woman, branding and social media and change your brand even if you don’t have a business, and social media tips for the PT gal


For more than a quarter-century Juju developed the brand strategy for corporations. Today, through online programs, live events, and one-to-one coaching, Juju motivates, inspires, and educates PrimeTime women in topics related to business, life, and relationships.


She holds a BA in English and an MBA and is certified as a coach and a yoga teacher. Juju lives in San Diego with her husband and her son. You can find her branding blog at and her program for PrimeTime women at


To learn more about Juju, please visit her website. 


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