The By-Product of Getting Sober

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 The upside of getting sober - needs ALL of the spotlights in today's day and age.  In a society that tells us we have to drink to fit in, have fun, and be a part of us, disruptors like my guest, Jaime T., are pushing back.  

Jaime T. is the Founder and CEO of Hype Girl Healing,  an online community for women who want to explore life without alcohol through healing circles and 1:1 private intensives.  

Jaime drank for many years because she is in the bar and service industry - she was surrounded by people who were drinking, and she didn’t know any other way.  In 2017,  Jaime decided to do a cleanse in January and gave herself a commitment of 90-days without alcohol even though the cleanse started as thirty-days. 



I didn’t know any other way to spend my free time other than drinking. 

Jaime wondered what would happen if she removed alcohol; how would she feel and how would life be when you step outside of society's "norm."   The hardest part of her 90-day stint was to overcome triggers and cravings.  

Jaime needed an outlet, so she turned to exercise.  Through practicing mindful movement with strength training, she was able to work through feelings and emotions that usually would lead her to drink.  

What happened next is a beautiful layer of what the byproduct of sobriety gives you.   This episode will give you hope if you are someone who is struggling with quitting drinking and is scared of what is on the other side. 

 We are all different in sobriety and our experience, but I want to add my message to you, which mimics Jaime's - there is hope, and there is happiness beyond the bottle.  

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Hibernating because of cold weather and stocking up on alcohol
  • Binge Drinking 
  • Ego Sabotage 
  • Finding Fitness after removing alcohol 
  • Feeling the FEELS - anger, rage, regrets
  • Finding an outlet to feel your emotions 
  • Intuitive Exercise 
  • Finding her purpose and her calling 
  • Working with women + empowering them through healing circles online
  • How much money Jaime has saved + becoming debt-free


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