Let's Not Be Normal Together

The definition of normal is: conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. 

I know you, you are here because you want more for yourself and your life. You are not willing to conform to a standard, usual, typical or expected (mid) life.

This blog post entry is inspired by a thought that came to my mind the minute I woke up yesterday at 4:45 am: alcohol and drinking is so normal, why does anyone want to be normal?. 

I got up out of bed, did my potty and drank my water and then quickly hurried down the hall in my pink hearted capri pajamas. 

My husband was sitting on the couch drinking his coffee (he leaves at 5:30 am every morning and likes his “me time”) and I said “don’t worry, I’m grabbing my journal and going back in the room.” 

I got back in bed and I wrote down all of my feelings on the thought that seems to be permeating my mind recently. 

Why in the heck is normal even a thing in the middle of life?! and why do people think the normalcy of drinking and alcohol is something to miss out on?

I took to four empty pages in my journal and wrote myself a wake up letter that inspired me to share it with you. 

Here is my journal entry on 10/13/20...

Aren't we tired of the status quo at this stage of life? I am. 

How can we realize that what we do attracts the people who inspire and encourage us not to be normal and challenge ourselves and use our voices to speak up against the bull s**t of drinking and alcohol? in the middle of life. 

To be normal (for me) means to succumb, fade-out, fade away, fit into a square peg when I'm clearly round, settle, please others instead of myself, lie to myself, hide my true self because I don't want to ruffle any feathers and stay silent. 

Midlife is the time of ultimate exploration into a life that only I can design. What do I want to do? Is this it? Where am I going? 

I don't know. Wait, that's BS, I do know. (say it out loud) 

I don't want to be considered typical or usual or flat. I have lived that life for decades! NEXT!!

I worked hard at fitting in for too long by denying my "freak flag" to fly. Today, I feel like I haven't even gotten that flag ½ up the flagpole yet.

I have blow-your-mind fantasies that haven't been touched yet? What are you waiting for? 

Start from scratch, wipe the slate clean, tell others they can do the same. 

Midlife is the time to get agitated, not settled. 

How do you feel about alcohol and the midlife woman? 

Alcohol guarantees women will stay stuck and normal and eventually fade into the background of their life. There is no doubt! 

Why does this matter? 

Because midlife women have had a tough road already, there are challenges ahead that require their clarity and presence and wits about them. Alcohol makes the midlife experience dull and dead inside. 

What can you do? 

Speak up and out louder. Say the things I wish I had someone say to me back in 2013. I needed a strong voice, not someone who would tell me what I wanted to hear. 

You wouldn't be successful at coaching if you sugar-coated how you feel about precious women drowning themselves with ethanol; that would be typical, average and non-effective. 

I want women to stand up for themselves and speak their truth, and own their story! 

The hiding is deafening, and for what? So people think they aren't normal?! 

F**k that! 

I want women to challenge themselves and get excited for life, and turn the light back on from inside out. 

Midlife is the best life because it's the time when you show up, take a risk, make a change, and stop settling for the same old thing everyone else is doing.

So, the statement I hear "everyone else drinks" is the exact reason why the women I help won't allow alcohol into their life anymore. 

Saying, "everyone else drinks is so f**ckin' dated!"  

The new statement that only midlife women can say is: "I don't drink because it's so mother f**ckin' cliché." 


In the words of Marshall Mathers: If you only had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it or let it slip?

I will capture all of it and make sure every woman I come in contact with who wants more for her life does the same. 

Here are some ideas for you if you are struggling with staying in the comfort zone of drinking and alcohol because it is normally accepted: 

  • Remind yourself that getting and staying sober is one of the most badass things you will do in your lifetime. 
  • Say out loud: "I wasn't born to fit in or fade away, I was born to disrupt things and shine a spotlight on what I believe in."
  • Celebrate not drinking one of the nights you normally would have. That is a huge accomplishment, share it with someone. 
  • Turn down your normal drinking dates with friends and family if you don't want to go. Now is your time to stop conforming and start pleasing yourself. 
  • Remind yourself that No is a complete sentence and doesn't have to be followed up by anything else. 

Let's make a pact to not be normal by showing up every single day as ourselves. Say the things you want to say, do the things you want to do and don't succumb to the normalcy of drinking and alcohol. 

It's not normal to live and age tied to something that offers no value to who you are as a beautiful woman in the middle of life. 

Sending you love. 


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