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From Limiting Beliefs to Personal Transformation with Cody Kreutz 


Are your beliefs limiting you from becoming the person you want to become?


My guest on Episode 155 is my friend, Cody Kreutz who learned about his own limiting beliefs at thirty-nine, and changed his life around after his discovery.

Cody has an amazing personal transformation journey that you cannot afford to miss.

Besides having an incredible personal transformation journey, his recovery journey is unbelievable! Cody went from alcohol to drugs. When Cody started doing drugs, his life went from bad to worse. He became hopeless and lost his self-worth. Self- hate kicked in, and suicidal thoughts started kicking in. He once tried taking away his life, but it was unsuccessful. Cody got help, and he is now on a mission to help people transform their lives.



Cody Kreutz is a YouTuber, podcaster, and speaker with over seven years of recovery from addiction. Cody and his wife host the podcast, We Are the Stigma, where they chat with like-minded individuals on how to persevere while simultaneously breaking the stigma. They aim to explore all types of circumstances, beliefs, and experiences, using honesty, open-mindedness, and humor. Cody lives in San Diego with his amazing wife and three beautiful children.

Topics Discussed


  • How Cody didn’t know what a limiting belief was until 39
  • How Cody’s spiritual awakening happened in 2020
  • Cody’s personal transformation
  • Cody’s recovery journey
  • Cody’s daily routine: What does Cody do to support his transformation and awakening
  • What’s next for Cody?
  • Cody’s podcast - We Are the Stigma


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