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The Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person with Mel Collins


Have you ever heard "you're too sensitive"? 


Or "you wear your heart on your sleeves?"

If you're saying yes, you are not alone, and you don't have to fix yourself or hide anything. 

My guest on Episode 156 is my Mel Collins who grew up with people telling her that she needs to stop being sensitive. It made her think that she was flawed and something was wrong with her.

Mel has an incredible story of discovering the trait of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and how her research led her to write a book about the topic, “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People: How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered and Fulfilled”.

Mel advises that it all starts when you accept yourself. You don’t need to stop being sensitive because that is a trait you cannot remove—work with your inner self and don’t let other people trigger you.

Once you realize that HSP is not a flaw or a weakness but an absolute gift, then other people’s opinion will not matter—live your life from that place telling the world who you are, and this is what you do. - Mel Collins



 Mel Collins, a UK author of the book “The Handbook for Highly Sensitive People - How to Transform Feeling Overwhelmed and Frazzled to Empowered and Fulfilled.” Before dedicating her time to writing and teaching, Mel is also a spiritual life coach, qualified psychotherapeutic counselor, spiritual healer, reiki master, intuitive, and HSP consultant.

She was in a senior management position in a prison service then decided to study extensively under the late Jungian Psychotherapist, Dr. Roger Woolger, in past-life regression therapy and Ancestral Healing. Today, Mel dives into a conversation about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), their correlation to addiction, its gifts and abilities, and why you should embrace it.

Topics Discussed:


  • Mel’s view on aging and menopause
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) information
  • Mel’s story of discovering HSP
  • Coping strategies for HSP’s
  • Drinking as an HSP and addiction
  • Changing your drinking as an HSP
  • Mel’s time in working in the Prison Service
  • Mel’s book writing
  • Overcoming roadblocks
    The gifts of being an HSP



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