From Relapse to Recovery with Pamela Devenport

Do you worry about relapse or has relapse affected your recovery journey? 


My guest on episode 158, the inspirational Pamela Devenport, is well versed in the highs and lows of recovery, and draws on her own struggles with relapse to help others.  

Pamela’s incredible story touches on why she quit drinking in the first place, and the control that alcohol had on her life.  After falling back into an alcohol addiction, Pamela found that her addiction had become stronger, and she needed to be honest with herself in order to step back into recovery.  Pamela took the necessary steps to heal herself, and is now an amazing example for others on the same path. 


Do the work of self-forgiveness, so the past becomes a teacher

Pamela Devenport


Pamela is a certified recovery coach; meditation teacher and She Recovers coach.  More importantly, she’s a human in the 11th year on the path of recovery from alcohol addiction.  

Pamela believes “just being sober” is not enough.  Sobriety is the beginning of a journey which has the power to radically transform lives.  Her mission?  To speak about addiction without shame, guilt or blame.  To inform, inspire and compassionately empower - teaching like a coach, but thinking as an addict.  

Pamela is the founder of My Badass Sobriety - a coaching platform for those seeking freedom from toxic behaviors and addictions.  

Pamela Devenport of My Badass Recovery. Woman in black blazer with long brown hair.


Topics Discussed


  • Pamela's journey through relapse and recovery
  • How not to look at relapse as a failure
  • How unresolved issues can stand in the way of your recovery
  • Ways that Pamela makes sure to take time for herself 
  • How Pamela dealt with the stigma surrounding relapse
  • How to be honest with yourself and seek out help 
  • Pamela's formula for recovery


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