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Being Sober is Cool

with Kim Bellas

Do you struggle to speak positively about yourself? Do you worry that people will think you're boring or uncool for not drinking? 


My guest on episode 160 is the wonderful Kim Bellas who originally quit drinking to prove a point to her son, but has since transformed herself into a role model for sober people everywhere.  

Kim speaks openly about why she quit drinking in the first place, and the special role that her son played in that decision.  As time went on after Kim quit drinking, she noticed that she felt much better and that there may have been a bigger issue that she wasn’t aware of before.  Kim knows the pressures of not drinking socially and the shame that attaches itself to sobriety, and uses her own experience to relate to the people she helps.  In her coaching, Kim encourages people to describe themselves positively everyday, and after a while, the difference that that simple task makes in people's lives’ is incredible.  Through literally changing people’s lives, mentally and physically, Kim’s goal is to demonstrate that a sober life is an exhilarating one. 



 Kim Bellas is the founder of “Sober is the New Cool” and since getting sober herself in 2013, she has helped people all over the world through their own recovery journeys.  When her 15 year-old son started having seizures and could not drink with his friends, Kim wanted to prove to her son and herself that alcohol was not necessary to have fun.  Once Kim stopped drinking for the 3 months she originally planned, she decided that she would keep going, and after 6 months she felt happier than she had been in a while.   Now, Kim has been sober for 8 years and has made it her mission to prove to others that sobriety is cool, and anyone can take the opportunity to improve their mental and physical well-being. 


"I'm never going to miss another memory again"

Kim Bellas

Topics Discussed

  • How Kim originally stopped drinking to help her son 
  • Kim noticing how good she felt after she quit drinking 
  • How there is always a "reason" to drink
  • The challenges of not drinking socially
  • The shame that people carry with them when getting sober
  • How to describe yourself positively
  • How Kim got hypnotized to help her quit drinking 
  • Kim's morning routine and how she stays active


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