The Joy of Traveling Alcohol-Free with Lori Massicot

Are you sober and ready to enjoy an alcohol-free vacation?


If you aren't sure, that's okay; you don't have to rush it!

When I quit drinking at 45, I took my first trip sober about four months later, and I was (very) nervous that I would drink.

What happened during that first trip helped me stay sober during the next vacation and every travel experience I've had in the past 7+ years of sobriety.

You can vacation and staycation without drinking and ENJOY the heck out of yourself!  


Oh, Joy!


I thought that vacationing required alcohol but those were just old thoughts. Can you relate to "old" thoughts?

The thoughts that tell you drinking is what you've always done, so you have to keep drinking need a rewrite.

Grab your journal as you listen to the episode and allow yourself to get excited about alcohol-free vacations!

(throwback photo to 2019 in Turks and Caicos.😎)

I never thought I would travel to my couch to watch a Lifetime movie let alone vacation without drinking.


Topics Discussed


  • How to enjoy your vacation without drinking
  • The benefits of traveling sober 
  • My past drinking vacations in Palm Springs compared to today 
  • How to reduce travel anxiety (sober) 
  • How to create a staycation for yourself this year if you can't get away 

Thank you for listening!


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