Take Charge of Your Health with Joan Lunden

Do you worry about your health as you age?


My guest on episode 163 is the legendary Joan Lunden, who with more than 15 years of experience on Good Morning America has been a source of positivity in the homes of millions of people throughout her career.  Since her time on Good Morning America, Joan has written many books, including her newest, “Why Did I Come Into This Room, A Candid Conversation About Aging”. which we talk about on this episode.  

In this episode, Joan expresses how important it is to take charge of your health when going to the doctor and having tests done.  Joan being proactive and asking her doctor for an ultrasound allowed for her breast cancer to be caught early enough.  From advocating for women to speaking openly about aging and health, Joan is an inspiration and during our talk I felt like I was talking to an old friend. 


About Joan


Joan is an award-winning journalist, bestselling author, television host, and motivational speaker, Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes for more than 40 years. For nearly two decades, Lunden greeted viewers each morning on Good Morning America making her the longest running female host ever on early morning television.

Lunden continues to be one of America’s most recognized and trusted personalities which has made her a sought-after speaker for events across the country. As an ardent health & senior advocate, Lunden has testified before the Food and Drug Administration advocating mandatory mammogram reporting and the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee advocating for the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Lunden is the host of the host the PBS television series, Second Opinion with Joan Lunden, premiering January 2021.  She also hosts the Washington Post Podcast series, Caring for Tomorrow on the future of healthcare. Additionally, Lunden has become the ambassador to the Poynter Institute’s MediaWise for Seniors program which educates individuals over 50 on media literacy - separating fact from fiction online.

"When it comes to our health, knowledge is power"

Joan Lunden 

Topics Discussed

  • Joan's book "Why Did I Come Into This Room"
  • Raising kids later in life
  • Joan's experience on Good Morning America
  • Becoming a women's advocate
  • Joan's experience with breast cancer
  • The #1 fear of aging
  • How to take charge of your health 


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