An Integrative Approach to Recovery with Dr. Dawn Bantel

Are you in recovery from addiction? Have you been looking for a different approach?


My guest on episode 165 is the lovely and intelligent Dr. Dawn Bantel, a naturopathic physician with an innovative approach to the recovery process you do not want to miss.   

Dr. Dawn uses her years of specialization in eating disorder and addiction recovery to effectively treat her patients for underlying mental health issues and trauma.  Integrative medicine takes all aspects of a person into account when treating them, which gives a better idea of their overall health and what kind of treatment they need.  Dr. Dawn also talks about the connection between physiology and the brain and explains how all systems of the body can affect each other.  When the recovery methods you’ve been trying are not working for you, an integrative approach can make a difference. 




 Dr. Dawn is a licensed naturopathic physician in Arizona. She has specialized in addiction recovery for almost two decades. First, as the medical director of an eating disorder treatment center and then as the medical director for a residential program specializing in addictions and trauma. She is passionate about transformation and believes that integrative medicine is an important component of addiction recovery.

"You can't just willpower yourself out of addiction.  If you could, you would have done it.  There really is a lot of healing that has to happen in the brain"

Dr. Dawn Bantel

Topics Discussed

  • Dr. Dawn's experience with Naturopathic medicine 
  • Dr. Dawn's knowledge of eating disorders and addiction 
  • An integrative approach to recovery and medicine 
  • The connection between physiology and mental health 
  • The negative effects of alcohol on the body and the adrenal system
  • Cortisol in health and recovery
  • Herbal medicines/ adaptogens (rhodiola, tulsi) 
  • Finding the right practitioner 
  • PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome)



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