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Self-Love vs. Self-Care with Paul Fishman 


Do you struggle with loving yourself? Are you practicing real self care?


In episode 168, I spoke with the inspirational Paul Fishman about the difference between self love and self care, and how to find more love for yourself.   

Paul tells his story openly and honestly and explains his own journey through self love.  Paul went from sacrificing himself for others to actually practicing self care, making a huge difference in his life.  We also talk about some other ways to practice self love, recovery for example, and Paul describes what real self care actually looks like.  Paul knows what it is like to struggle with self love, and after years of practicing it himself, he has become an amazing example for people to live life with love for themselves.   




Paul Fishman is a self love coach and you do you activist on a mission to empower and inspire humanity to love unconditionally starting from within. He is the host of the top 100 podcast The Road to Self Love and star of the forthcoming reality show by the same name.

"The belief that something outside of yourself is going to be able to heal you is the thing that's gonna be keeping you stuck"

Paul Fishman

Topics Discussed


  • The difference between self love and self care
  • How recovery is an act of self love
  • Toxic positivity
  • Asking for what you need
  • How Paul used to be a people pleaser
  • Sacrificing yourself for others
  • How some acts of self-care are not actually self-care
  • How Paul screams to release emotion


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