Healing Through Nutrition with Lindsey Beveridge

How to use simple nutrition to heal your body in recovery


Feeling your best can be challenging when coming out of alcohol addiction. However, my guest on Episode 174, Lindsey Beveridge has gone through it, and in this episode, she breaks everything down to help you reclaim your vibrancy in life at ease. Giving your body the grace to heal and restore itself through nutrition will make you feel better emotionally, mentally, and physically than ever before.



Lindsey is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, graduating from CNM with a distinction. She is a member of BANT and is registered with the CNHC.

She previously worked in the publishing and conference industries and ran her own training and conference business for 12 years. 

Lindsey is compassionate not just about quitting addictive substances but recovering well.

Lindsey says, "I offer non-judgmental support for people who might be exhausted, anxious, stuck or stressed, and possibly self-medicating, so that life becomes calmer and more manageable."



“Taking care of ourselves to drink more is a trap to physical and mental destruction.”

Lindsey Beveridge

In this episode, you'll learn:


  •  The dichotomy between early menopause symptoms and heavy drinking
  • Nutrition and its vitality in overcoming addiction and menopause shocks
  • Why healing your gut is the beginning of restoration after quitting alcohol
  • Top foods and lifestyle changes to make to optimize healing without distressing your body
  •  Lindsey life lessons from her heavy drinking, pre-menopause life, and how she has reinvented herself in her 50s
  • The impact of alcohol on your liver, gut and nutrition
  • How to hammer down low blood sugar and cravings while redirecting your reward system towards healthy habits
  • How to keep it simple, nutritious, and healthy for the gut and liver during recovery
  • Common struggles women go through in the 40s and how to overcome them
  • How to stabilize yourself mentally and emotionally through yoga
  • Lindsey upcoming programs that you can get hooked up to


To Find Lindsey:


Website: https://www.recovery-nutrition.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/recoverynutrition/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RecoveryNutritionUK/ 



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