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Melissa Kreutz

Living an authentic life, recovering from addiction, and having a life that is centered around recovery and self-love is beyond possible for anyone.

In this episode, I’m pleased to have my friend, Melissa Kreutz on the podcast to give you encouragement and inspiration to seek recovery from addiction.

If Melissa can get sober and enjoy life after addiction, anyone can, including you. 

If you’ve felt self-doubt, self-loathing, and gut-wrenching heartache, know that I believe in you. Life can be beautiful if only you keep fighting. 


Melissa Kreutz

Melissa Kreutz is a writer, podcaster, mommy, and sober woman.  In sobriety, she has found mind-blowing happiness through lessons and strength that she never dared to explore; now, she shares her stories with others in hopes they may feel less alone. 

She met her husband, Cody Kreutz, in rehab, and together they host the podcast, We Are The Stigma, where they use honesty, open-mindedness, and humor to connect with their guests on a range of topics - from stay-at-home-dad to sex work - nothing is off limits!




  •       Melissa’s story on addiction and sobriety breakthrough
  •       Ways to start your journey to sobriety and stay sober
  •       How to overcome self-harm and self-hate to find your self-worth
  •       Why you need to step out of yourself and learn from other people’s journeys
  •       The importance of changing your mindset in your sobriety journey
  •       Reasons why getting sober makes your life better by change your priorities.
  •       What is addiction and how the meaning is unique
  •       How to beat fear and stigma after coming out of alcoholism
  •       Tips on taking care of your kids when their struggling with addiction
  •       The importance of building connections with a community and people who share in your problem.
  •       Why your recovery story matters in helping others out of addiction
  •       What is Self-love and how to attain it

Find Melissa here:


We Are The Stigma Podcast

Melissa's story on We Are the Stigma

Mommy Without Wine Blog






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