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Coach Joe Oniwor



Coach Joe Oniwor

Aging is a mindset and a vitality store that bring so many connotations and expectations around numbers that do not have to be a part of your experience. Aligning your expectation with the brighter side will help you feel better, more vibrant and ready to enjoy the treasures that lie ahead of you.

In this episode, I’m joined by Joe Oniwor.

Just like most of us, Joe has had his fair share in the weight problem tails. His weight struggles started at a tender age, growing up with his mom and two sisters, who were also struggling with their weight. By the time Joe was 25, he was overweight, prediabetic, hypertensive and struggling with high cholesterol. This was life-threatening, and he had to find a way to lose the weight. In his quest, he made discoveries on how good nutrition and exercise worked together in weight loss and switched to a healthy lifestyle, which helped him lose over 110 pounds.

“Never expect anything, never be let down; flexibility and fluidity is our superpower.”


Coach Joe Oniwor

Coach Joe is the founder of JOC VIP academy, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Joe is also a retired avid athlete and a pro arena football player who has been in the fitness industry for 28 years.

Joe has been working with women for over 48 years to provide them with body transformational coaching required to overcome massive energy loss and stubborn weight gain associated with menopause. His turning point came after his mom survived a fatal health complication caused by her weight. Joe is passionate about helping women, and his mission is to help you feel stronger, fitter and live your best life as you age.


  •  How to find happiness and gratitude during sobriety
  •  The importance of exercise and good nutrition in sobriety and aging
  •  How to change your mindset and achieve the unexpected
  •  Ways to find your true worth and realize it in life
  •  The benefits of reframing your expectations and opening up to both adversity and opportunities
  •  The victory that comes with letting go of everything you are not
  •  How to bridge the gap between self-worth, progress and reality
  •  Why you should stop hiding emotions and the safest mechanisms of filtering them out.
  •  Reframing your expectations and transforming yourself to live the life you desire
  •  Why building consistency in your routine is essential in achieving your higher health and fitness goals.
  •  The power of declaration and permitting yourself to get where you want to be in life
  •  The best workout routines for full-body fitness and health
  •  Post-workout nutrition-what to eat after workouts
  •  The best mindful tools for reducing stress and anxiety
  • Joe's favorite journal prompt

Find Coach Joe here:

Website: www.jocoaching.life

Instagram: JOCfitcoach

Facebook: JOCfitcoach

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