Late Bloomers Unite

with Sondra Primeaux 



Sondra Primeaux

Creating solutions to living your best life in the middle, is possible when you make time to discover how you feel about yourself sans alcohol.

There is nothing wrong  with being a late bloomer, in fact, it's fun as my guest, Sondra Primeaux shares in Episode 178. 

Practicing self-compassion, taking care of ourselves more, and being grateful can help us increase our vibrancy, find better solutions, and flourish in the second half of our life.



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Sobriety is the root that enters the ground to give you an opportunity to flourish and thrive.


Sondra Primeaux

Sondra Primeaux is a photographer, reuse designer and maker, writer and is the former co-host of the Unruffled Podcast.

When Sondra fell into recovery in 2014, she was grateful to have her creative work to fill the hole she was left with when alcohol was removed. In an effort to serve the recovery community, she started, where she supports women who are seeking their own mid-life solution.

She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children.



  •  Why self-care and self-love begins with practicing gratitude
  •  Sondra’s story on how she started drinking and her journey to sobriety
  •  The importance of looking up to yourself consistently
  •  Why you should choose sobriety
  •  Overcoming the feelings of shame and guilt in recovery
  •  The importance of love and being connected
  •  Sondra’s lessons on midlife solutions and sobriety
  •  Choosing contentment over comparison for sobriety success
  •  How to evolve and find your new self through acceptance
  •  The truth about healthy aging
  •  Staying relevant and feeling good about yourself
  •  Sondra’s midlife solution membership community


Find Sondra here:

Unruffled Website


The Unruffled Podcast


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