Midlife Women and Drinking with

Lori Massicot


The desire isn’t sobriety. The REAL desire is to not be consumed with drinking and find JOY + contentment in life without alcohol.

Lori Massicot


Midlife women worldwide are sitting up a little straighter and listening a little deeper to their thoughts and intuition about what alcohol is and the role drinking plays in their lives.

It’s the wake-up call that is kind of shocking - hey, maybe I’m not supposed to drink alcohol anymore.

Our bodies are changing and so are our minds. Midlife is the time to go inward and please ourselves instead of looking outward to be accepted, liked, and not viewed as someone who has a drinking problem. 

I host this podcast and coach women in midlife because I believe 100% that alcohol and aging don’t mix, and midlife is the best time - the inevitable time to quit drinking. 

I believe we have to talk about our drinking first with ourselves and then with the people in our lives, and get support to not get sober, but to stay true to what we want most.

You'll learn:

  • What alcohol is and what it isn’t 

  • Alcohol Use Disorder and how to identify the signs

  • The risks of drinking 

  • Why and where women drink

  • My drinking + what led me to quit

  • Why I put off my sobriety for far too long 

  • Grey area drinking and the challenge that comes with all or nothing thinking

  • What held me back (and most women) from quitting

  • Why are women quitting drinking


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I'm Lori Massicot, the host of To 50 and Beyond. 

I started the podcast in 2018 with a mission to talk about aging and sobriety and share stories of hope and inspiration in midlife and beyond. 

My continued mission is to bring women over 40 together over topics that don't usually get discussed aloud to break through the shame and stigma that holds us back from being, doing, and experiencing BETTER.

It's never too late to travel another path and have fun along the way. 

I know you're ready to ROCK your very best self To 50 and Beyond! 

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