Going Alcohol-Free Later in Life

with Lori Massicot 


Going alcohol-free is self-discovery work at another level, and that is not something to miss out on at any stage of life.

Lori Massicot


Going alcohol-free isn’t about the finish line, it’s about the path of self-discovery + adventure + a new way of living.

Going alcohol-free *can* be just like going gluten-free. You make a plan not to drink alcohol, and you practice that plan daily. 

Alcohol-free = no alcohol. 

I know, it sounds so easy. It's not, but the longer you go without drinking, the simpler it can be.  

Going alcohol-free later in life supports your overall well-being as you age, just the same as a certain eating plan or exercise plan.

It’s a lifestyle that if you let it, can be one of the best experiences of your life.

You'll learn:

  • Changing our interpretation of alcohol-free living

  •  Making shame smaller by taking action

  •  The alcohol-free lifestyle: what it is and what it isn’t

  •  How to get started on your alcohol-free journey

  •  How to observe your drinking to cut back or quit 

  •  The #1 habit essential to going alcohol-free

    And a round of answers to some of the most frequent questions that I receive from beautiful badass women in the middle of life about sobriety, like: 

    Should I quit or moderate, the language of sobriety, how to rebound from a slip up so you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of drinking, feeling deprived while socializing, do you need the willpower to quit, what do I tell people about my choice to quit drinking, and how to make an alcohol-free lifestyle stick. 


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I'm Lori Massicot, the host of To 50 and Beyond. 

I started the podcast in 2018 with a mission to talk about aging and sobriety and share stories of hope and inspiration in midlife and beyond. 

My continued mission is to bring women over 40 together over topics that don't usually get discussed aloud to break through the shame and stigma that holds us back from being, doing, and experiencing BETTER.

It's never too late to travel another path and have fun along the way. 

I know you're ready to ROCK your very best self To 50 and Beyond! 

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