How to  Practice Mindfulness with

Lane Kennedy


A mindfulness practice can change your life.

Lane Kennedy


Are you ready to stop spinning out into worry and fear of what could go wrong and start focusing on what is really happening at the moment? 

A mindfulness practice can help you unwind without alcohol, calm you down, and get you centered on focusing on the reality of each moment. 

My guest in episode 185, is the smart and beautiful Lane Kennedy is here to help you start a mindfulness practice, unwind without alcohol, have fun without alcohol, shut off the ruminating thoughts, and find calmness in our ever-changing world. 

Lane is a woman in long-term recovery who began a successful modeling career in her early years, found sobriety young, and after college, built companies, gave birth to her son, and began a quest to help others find meaningful change through meditation, mindfulness, and DNA research and coaching. 

Lane is the founder and creator of The Connected Calm Life Course, and host of the podcast by the same name, she is an author, a Hormone Cure Practitioner, a DNA Coach, and a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. Lane is a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy, and has completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program and is a twice-certified Yoga Nidra Guide, a Revelation Breathwork Facilitator, and a Peer Certified Recovery Coach. 


You'll learn:

  • How Lane made the decision to quit drinking 
  • Why Lane didn’t know anything about relapse when she got sober 
  • What Lane did for fun when she quit drinking 
  • How to unwind without alcohol 
  • How to ease up on rage + anger through mindfulness 
  • How to turn ruminating thoughts off 
  • Tips to find calmness in our changing world 
  • How to practice mindful moments


Get connected with Lane: 


 Website: Lane Kennedy Mindfulness+Meditation- No More Stress and Anxiety

Work with Lane: Lane Kennedy Coaching Support and Mindful Living — Lane Kennedy

Listen to the Calm Connected Podcast: Podcast — Lane Kennedy


Facebook: (20+) Lane Kennedy | Facebook






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