How to Get in the Habit of Living Alcohol-Free


"You are capable of getting through anything without drinking"


In this episode, I'm talking about ten things you can do to get in the habit of living alcohol-free. 

I've been asked by so many women: "How can I get out of the habit of drinking?"  I started to think about this question over the summer and asked myself, how can I help women realize their capabilities and the simple tools they need to live the life they want without alcohol? 

I want to create a different approach to help women in midlife look at living alcohol-free with a new perspective.  I hear and see a lot of guesswork happening to try and figure out how not to drink.  The pressure, the perfectionism, the all-or-nothing thinking is sucking the energy out of women who truly want to be free from alcohol. 

Being content without drinking doesn't need to be so difficult.  



  • My new program, "The Alcohol-Free Habit"
  • What is a habit and how do they affect us?
  • The Habit Loop
  • Changing habits by changing how you view yourself
  • Ten ways to get in the habit of living alcohol-free
  • Being patient and keeping expectations realistic
  • Deciding who you want to become 
  • Identifying your triggers
  • The importance of getting connected


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I'm Lori Massicot, the host of To 50 and Beyond. 

I started the podcast in 2018 with a mission to talk about aging and sobriety and share stories of hope and inspiration in midlife and beyond. 

My continued mission is to bring women over 40 together over topics that don't usually get discussed aloud to break through the shame and stigma that holds us back from being, doing, and experiencing BETTER.

It's never too late to travel another path and have fun along the way. 

I know you're ready to ROCK your very best self To 50 and Beyond! 

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