Build More Discipline in 2022 with Anne and Leigh Walkup

"Discipline is a muscle you exercise every day."


I'm excited to bring you this impactful episode featuring the super-twin duo, my friends Anne and Leigh Walkup.

Anne and Leigh are the founders of Retro Rodeo Publishing, and the creators of Front Porch Life, a digital magazine that includes stories, recipes, and a real down-home feeling that brings you comfort and warmth.

These two ladies have built their life around simple living and down-home cooking. They are the daughters of Judy Yeager (The creator of The Southern Lady Cooks, which they now run full-time) and thrive on being in the kitchen or out on their farms with their animals. Slowing down and enjoying the good life is not just something they say…they fully embrace it.  

As sober women, the Walkup sisters know just how difficult it can be to stay disciplined and intentional.  They also discuss the habit-building process and how they have become more consistent with positive habits.


You'll hear: 


  • Building better habits
  • What comes first, discipline or sobriety?
  • How everyone has a level of discipline in them 
  • Leigh and Anne's goals for 2022
  • The long process of building a business
  • Being consistent with positive habits
  • How the sisters saw drinking as a full-time job
  • The "mob" in our heads
  • How to stack the good things
  • Making social media feeds uplifting


Resources Mentioned: 


The Southern Lady Cooks

Front Porch Life Magazine





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