Finding Confidence in a New Career with Katie McKenna 


"I kind of just took on this identity as a mom and that was it. I didn't think of myself beyond that." Katie McKenna


It’s never too late to change careers and face your fears. 

My guest Katie McKenna knows what it's like to face her fear and put herself out into the workforce after a divorce as a single mom to two beautiful girls.

My friend Katie McKenna is joining the podcast for the second time.

Katie is a Certified Recovery Coach, and Accountable Recovery Specialist at You Are Accountable, an online platform to help support women and men in recovery through toxicology screenings, weekly accountability check-ins, and Peer Recovery support groups. 

As a woman in long-term recovery, Katie has the heart, drive and passion to help others lead a life of sustainable recovery.

What you'll discover: 


  • What life was like when she got sober at a young age 

  •  Katie's divorce and how it changed her career path 

  •  How the stress of the pandemic and unemployment ending led Katie to work with a business coach 

  •  Being a single stay at home mom and how that took a toll on her self-esteem 

  •  How Katie felt her identity was *not* a professional in the workforce

  •  Breaking through the fear of not having a resume

  •  How her Career Coach led her to find a career she loves, and have to have more confidence in herself


Resources Mentioned: 


Katie's past episode: An Insight into the Church of Scientology 

You Are Accountable 

Katie's Instagram

Katie's Business Coach, Cindy Lish 



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It's never too late to travel another path and have fun along the way. 

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