Being a Beginner (with Makeup) with Michelle Spieler 

"Applying makeup over 40 is not the same as in our twenties."

Michelle Spieler

This is a fun and important episode about letting ourselves be beginners in midlife and beyond with my good (childhood) friend, Michelle Spieler.

Michelle is an over 20 year professional makeup artist (working in Hollywood for a decade), educator, Photographer, and a woman who knows what it's like to greet a "changing" face in the mirror while applying makeup.

Michelle is passionate about teaching makeup and skin care to women over 40.

Michelle's passion shines through in how she educates women to learn skincare and makeup techniques to help them feel their best inside and out. Michelle believes that just a little makeup can make a big impact in how we feel about ourselves, especially as we age.


You will discover: 


  • An honest conversation about being a beginner in midlife 
  • Why learning something we think we "should" know matters (and why it may not) 
  • Michelle's top two things she would feel like she could be a beginner in (finances + housecleaning) 
  • The essentials needed to begin a skincare routine 
  • How to use makeup to lift your mood 
  • Michelle's Mature Makeup Masterclass (what's included) and how it works 

Products mentioned: 


Fenti blush 

Charlotte Tilbury highlighter


Enroll in Mature Makeup Masterclass by Michelle Spieler


Find Michelle here: 






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