Episode 209



In episode 209, I’m joined by my guests, Sita and John Kelly who are the founders of Bendable Body, and the creators of The Bendable Body Method - a specialized form of resistance stretching that works on the fascia along the energetic meridian lines that influence every aspect of your health.

The Bendable Body Method facilitates healing on multiple levels — enabling you to enjoy a life without pain or stiffness.

Sita and John share their journey into flexibility training and why fascia stretching is so important at any age.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • The mental benefits of resistance & fascia stretching
  • The best type of stretching to relieve anxiety
  • How stretching helps maintain sobriety and the recovery from alcohol addiction
  • The effect of resistance stretching on inflammation

Sita and John are so passionate about helping others through resistance stretching, they have a wonderful online membership community - The Bendables which you must check out! It’s one of the best memberships I’ve ever seen.

Connect with Sita and John:


To get access to the FREE fascia-stretching training:  

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