Lori Massicot. Woman with black sweater, short blonde hair.


Coming to Terms with Sobriety with Lori Massicot 

The journey of self-acceptance in getting sober in midlife.

Are you struggling coming to terms with your sobriety?


On episode 158, I talk about my own journey and the process it took for me to come to terms with my sobriety.  

If someone told me when I was young that alcohol would mess up my life, I wouldn’t have believed them. 

For a huge part of my life I drank excessively and at one point I felt like life and wine needed to go together.

After years of wondering whether or not I had a problem, I had to listen to my own thoughts and feelings instead of anyone else’s, and I made the difficult choice to quit drinking.  

You are never alone if you feel like sobriety is something you never planned for your life. 


Hey There!


I am Lori Massicot, the host of the To 50 and Beyond Podcast.  I started drinking when I was 14 years old and continued all the way to 45, but back in 2013, when I finally decided to quit drinking, I poured two bottles of Chardonnay down the drain and began my recovery.  Since then, I have come to terms with myself and my sobriety and have persevered through all of the challenges that came along with that. 

Now, I speak openly about my journey, to anyone who will listen, to let others know they are not alone.   Virtual hug sent ❤️


Lori Massicot. Woman with blonde short hair and black sweatshirt

"Coming to terms with sobriety means coming to terms with yourself"

Lori Massicot

Topics Discussed


  • The word "sobriety" can be scary
  • How I am always working on old behaviors I notice 
  • Ways I work on acceptance within myself
  • How I once believed in the stigma surrounding sobriety and alcoholism
  • Feeling like an outcast after quitting drinking 
  • How I had to pay attention to my thoughts and feelings in order to see my situation 
  • Objections people have to quitting drinking 
  • How you don't need to ask for other people's opinions to make a change
  • You define self-care and what makes you feel good 
  • Focusing on Self-Care and acceptance vs. sobriety



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